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The Father’s Day Guide to Celebrating Your Dad’s Special Day

Father’s Day is right around the corner! You may have already bought him his #1 Dad coffee mug, but the real gift he wants is spending time with you…and that never has to break the bank! So, thank your dad for all he does this Sunday by doing exactly what he loves. Check out our guide to giving your dad the perfect Father’s Day on a budget: 

1. Relaxing in front of the TV

Weekends really are for relaxing! Kick off your shoes and watch some sports with your dad. Bonus tip: Watch one of the latest movie releases he’s been eager to see!   

2. Get some exercise in

Find a fun hiking or bike trail in your area and go on an adventure. 

 3. Go to an outdoor concert

Concerts are coming back and are a great way to connect with your dad while listening to your favorite jams. Go online or search on Eventbrite to see if you can grab some free or affordable tickets and go jam out with your dad or bring the whole family!

4. Have a barbecue

Fire up the grill! Cook up your dad’s favorite foods or help prepare the feast if he loves to do the grilling himself. 

5. Help him on a home improvement project

Dads are always trying to fix things. Help out with mowing the lawn, painting a room, fixing that dripping sink, etc. 

6. Play a fun board game

Break out some cards or Scrabble and play an interactive game. 

7. Look through old photos with him 

Collect some old family photos and flip through a homemade album. This is a great way to smile, laugh, and reminisce on fond memories. 

8. Indulge his favorite pastime

If your dad actively plays golf, basketball, tennis, or fishing then join in! Dust off those clubs and go spend some quality one-on-one time with your dad on the course. 

9. Update him on your life on the phone or over FaceTime

If you don’t live near your dad, then you should definitely plan to do this on Sunday! Simple gestures like a phone call go a long way, and your dad will love to hear what you’re up to in life. Just don’t forget to ask what’s new with him too!

10. Ask him what he wants to do!

If your dad doesn’t give you a specific idea, ask him what kind of day he would enjoy instead. A fun day at home? A day outdoors getting some fresh air? Get an idea of the environment he would prefer to be in and you’ll be able to plan the perfect Father’s Day. Just remember to keep it simple, sweet, and make him smile!