Celebrating 4th of July on a Budget

Dust off your American flag apparel, grab your friends and family, and start looking for the best nearby firework shows, because this Sunday is the 4th of July! We all have a lot to celebrate for this year and thankfully it’s also a three-day weekend too! With COVID-19 restrictions easing up and cities reopening, there’s lots of celebrating to make up for this Independence Day. But that doesn’t mean you need to throw down big bucks to plan epic festivities this weekend! Check out this helpful budgeting guide for celebrating Independence Day without breaking the bank:

Lay out at the beach or by the pool

This heat wave is brutal, so do yourself a favor and find some ways to cool off throughout the day. Don’t have access to a pool? Purchase a slip and slide and have a backyard water party. For those fortunate to get to a beach, bring an umbrella and enjoy!

Hang out at the park

Many families set up great 4th of July parties for their friends and family to attend. Kids can run around and play together, you can bring your pets, and some parks even have grills you can use!

Design your own 4th of July attire

Purchasing new American Flag themed clothes you’ll most likely wear once a year is a waste of money. Instead, have a DIY party with friends or family on Saturday and create red, white and blue tie-dye shirts, beach bags, or hats!

Have a family cookout

Fire up the grill and start cooking those burgers and hotdogs. Chow down on some delicious food and spend quality time with friends and family. If you’re hosting, plan a 4th of July potluck and ask everyone to contribute a fun themed dish! You can find lots of inspiration on pinterest, Food Network, or online blogs!

4th of july themed food

Find a festivals and events

You can search for fun events near you easily online or use Eventbrite to find free or cheap local concerts, parades, or food festivals in your city.

Have a hot dog-eating contest

Have your own hot dog-eating contest like the annual Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog-Eating Contest! You can watch the contest live on the 4th as well to get excited and you’ll know the food won’t go to waste!

Decorate American flags with the kids

Create your own American flags to decorate your house or make your 4th of July party more festive.

Visit a historic landmark

What better way to show your patriotism than to visit an American landmark? If you are in Philly, visit the Liberty Bell or in Washington D.C., explore Capital Hill.

Play patriotic games and activities

Celebrate by breaking out the party lawn games. Some classics games can even be 4th of July themed: scavenger hunt, bean bag toss, frisbee, and fly kites. It doesn’t cost much to buy new games and with Amazon Prime you can have them delivered in time. Every American feels like a winner on Independence Day, so how about a little friendly competition?

Find a great firework show

End your 4th of July festivities the traditional way, and find an awesome firework show near you. Search “Best firework shows near me” and get the lineup. Firework shows are FREE, plus the kids and family always love them. Remember to bring some lawn chairs, blankets, and PLENTY of bug spray.

firework show

Have a happy Independence Day and weekend, stay safe, and enjoy!