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Our mission

Our mission is to enable consumers to own, control, and monetize their personal data and to enhance advertising effectiveness for businesses by delivering them highly valuable and ethically sourced data, leading to superior insights and outcomes.

Story Behind BIGtoken

As the digital landscape shifted from Web 1.0 to 2.0, certain platforms became dominating forces, controlling the interactions between brands and their customers. This centralized architecture was led by major players such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Walmart.

At BIGtoken, we envisioned a different path.

We set out to improve upon this model by allowing users to create their own authenticated identities and data profiles that they can control and monetize. Since 2019, BIGtoken has paid out over $1 million of cash rewards and amassed 9 million downloads, one million authenticated users, and a large, secure, ethically sourced data set across these users’ consumer journeys. We believe when consumers hold the reins, they produce better data, translating to stronger ad results.

As we stand on the brink of Web 3.0, with its promise of efficient, secure, blockchain-powered ecosystems, we envision a world where brands and everyday consumers meet seamlessly. But to achieve mass adoption, we need brands to incentivize these ‘no-coiners’ into the new digital realm with compelling offers and relatable content.

This is BIGtoken – rewriting the rules of the digital marketing game, one user at a time.

Our Team

Meet the industry leaders in Next Generation Shopper Marketing and Advertising.

George Stella

Founder & CEO

Richard Taub

Founder & CFO

Chris Austin

General Counsel

Christian Hyland

Advisory Board Member