5 Best No Hassle Survey Apps

Apps that claim to provide extra income have become rampant in the past few years, and it’s not a mystery why. Brands and companies are hungry for real data about consumer behavior, and paying for it is often the simplest solution. The wide variety of choices can be somewhat overwhelming, so here are our top five.

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Survey Junkie

As one of the most widely-known survey-based apps out there, Survey Junkie is popular for a reason. The interface is incredibly simple and easy to wrap your head around. Users just fill out surveys and watch the point dashboard go up on the homepage. The answers that you submit form a profile about you, which you can access through the Profile section of the dashboard. Here you’re able to edit your preferences as they change over time, which is a distinct feature among competitors. If you change cellular providers from Verizon Wireless to AT&T, you can update it here. Or if you start shopping more at Target than Walmart, you can update that preference easily here as well. The average survey pays out around $1 to $3, which is actually above average for most apps in this genre. And when it’s time to cash out, users can get their funds via PayPal, giftcard, or bank transfer. It’s a no-frills experience, but it’s guaranteed to get that extra income in your pocket.

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Another popular choice is Swagbucks, which offers a slightly wider variety of surveys, polls, and activities to complete. In addition to filling out information about yourself, you can earn swagbucks for watching videos, and shopping for products online. Whether you’re booking a hotel with, buying Nike shoes, or getting home supplies from Home Depot, you’ll be able to get cash back. That multimedia element ultimately creates a more enjoyable point-earning experience. Check out those options by navigating the tabs at the bottom of the screen. The Shop tab shows all of the unique cash back options like 12% return on Holiday Inn Express hotel rooms, while the Watch tab has a variety of videos to scroll though for point-earning purposes, like entertainment reporting about Cardi B and lifestyle articles about Black History Month. You’ll earn anywhere from 40-100 SB per survey, which translates to $0.40 to $1, a slightly lower rate than some rival apps. So that’s the essential trade-off: less money, but a more enjoyable experience. You have the option of cashing out those points as gift cards or cash via PayPal.

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Although it may not have as much name recognition, Inboxdollars has become a hugely popular choice for extra income seekers. Just like Swagbucks, users have a wider variety of point-generating activities in which to partake. Surveys are on the table, as is watching videos, playing games, and shopping for cash back options. The videos include movie trailers fo upcoming hits like Black Widow, or new product updates from companies like Samsung. Inboxdollars is partnered with GSN casino, so for every dollar you spend on GSN games you earn 18% cashback. The app even offers printable coupons for select products. Most of the surveys can pay anywhere between $0.50 and $5.00 depending on the time involved, which is definitely a value advantage over rival apps. When all is said and done, payment is available via Visa or gift cards.

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Another great option is the MyPoints app, which has a similar buffet of options. Users can shop for products through the app, and get fantastic cash back on a truly expansive variety of products from providers like Expedia and Best Buy. And the more traditional surveys cover everything from The Morning Show to Crest 3D Whitestrips. Plus, users can get points for reading emails, playing games, and printing out coupons. That variety creates a diverse in-app experience, and that’s understandably valuable. Each point you earn is worth a little over half a cent, and each survey yields anywhere from 40 to 350 points per survey, meaning the point payout will be a slow process. But on the bright side, points generated in that process can be cashed out via PayPal, turned into gift cards, or redeemed as travel miles.


Another exciting option is the BIGtoken app, which primarily pays users for answering surveys about their preferences. What sets BIGtoken apart is its emphasis on creating a social network aspect to the experience. Users can form a team to get access to extra surveys, plus they can refer friends and then get residual points for the surveys that those people answer. Sponsored surveys for brand research are available from companies like Walmart and Coca-Cola. BIG Rewards surveys are also available, offering cash back on purchases of products from Kraft, McCafe, and more. Although each survey doesn’t generate many points, the sheer quantity of available surveys makes up for it. 100 points are equal to a dollar as well, making the conversion simple to calculate. Another distinguishing factor is the variety of payout opportunities. Users can redeem cash via Paypal, get giftcards, donate earnings to charity, and even get subscriptions to various services.

Depending on what you’re looking for, these are five fantastic options for passive income phone applications. We recommend stacking up earning sources by using multiple apps at once for maximum payout. At the end of the day, these apps won’t supplement a full-time job, but they’ll certainly help ends meet.

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