Introducing High Point Surveys

Today we’re happy to announce a new feature: High Point Surveys.

Brands all over the world are constantly looking for consumers to participate in research surveys — and for good reason. With High Point Surveys, our technology will match you with surveys that reflect your interests, and best of all, these special surveys will reward you even more than normal.

We’ve partnered with two companies to facilitate this new feature: Lucid and Cint. Since we’ve joined forces with these third parties, the data created in this exchange is treated a bit differently. By opting in to participate in these surveys, you consent to share your data outside of the BIGtoken app, and you also accept that the data created in the process cannot be edited or deleted in the future for that reason. We want our users to be fully aware of this key difference, and fully understand the privacy policies of our partners. Here are some helpful links.

Lucid Privacy Policy:

Cint Privacy Policy: