Earn Extra Points with Our Point Boost Promotion!

We’re kicking off the fall season by offering a special point boost promotion for BIGtoken members! Hold onto your points and wait to redeem them for cash until January 3rd, and your points will appreciate in value by 5%. That’s right, it’s as easy as continuing to earn points while you wait for your points to be worth 5% more!

Here’s what you need to know:

– The promotion starts on Monday, September 20, and ends January 3rd once you receive your point bonus.

– All BIGtoken members who are active in the app and don’t redeem their points for cash will automatically receive a 5% boost in their total points on January 3rd.

– While you wait to redeem your points for cash, you can continue completing as many actions as you like in the app to earn points.

–  If you redeem your points for cash at any point during the promotion, you will not be eligible for the 5% point boost on January 3rd.