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BIGtoken Triples Lead Gen in College Residential Market at Virginia Tech

28 April 2024, Blacksburg, VirginiaBIGtoken, a leader in creating Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) connections for brands and local businesses offering rewards and state-of-the-art data privacy features, introduces a groundbreaking initiative. In conjunction with four residential properties next to Virginia Tech University, BIGtoken has now deployed its Web 3 technology to enable faster, more seamless customer marketing and leasing than ever before for the rental housing industry.

BIGtoken’s scalable, digital wallet solution has enabled the properties, Park37, The Summit at Uptown, The Flats at Uptown & CV2, to create deep data profiles for sales leads in real time and bring these potential tenants to leasing decisions at a rate and with a total return never before accomplished. Apartment-seekers also shared their leasing activity in real-time with friends, virally propelling the Blacksburg, VA campaign further. The property owner, one of the largest in off-campus housing at the renowned Virginia university, leveraged university housing fairs, its own database of potential tenants and BIGtoken marketing capabilities, in conjunction with digital rewards from Starbucks and Amazon.

“BIGtoken is a big game changer for us because we connected with apartment-seeking Virginia Tech students more quickly and with data we’ve never before had. Our tenant leads increased 3x versus last year and we have never achieved this level of qualified tenant lead generation before,” said property owner, Justin Boyle.

“Apartment complex owners have a lot in common with our clients in sports facilities, employment agencies and large brands in their need to get a data rich, D2C experience with their customers.  We are honored that Virginia Tech is the first college market in the nation to apply Web 3 to matching students with housing,” said BIGtoken CEO, George Stella.

BIGtoken empowers companies to establish direct connections with consumers, ensuring data transparency and security. Key features include Direct-to-Wallet Technology™, Blockchain Integration, Volunteered Data Sharing, Personalized Engagement Experience, and Airdrop CRM™. For more information, please visit

BIGtoken is at the forefront of transforming digital marketing dynamics, challenging the dominance of Web 2.0 platforms. Since 2019, BIGtoken has empowered users with the ability to control and monetize their authenticated identities and data profiles, resulting in over $1 million in cash rewards, 9 million downloads, and one million authenticated users. In the Era of Web 3.0, BIGtoken envisions a seamless convergence between brands and consumers through efficient, secure, blockchain-powered ecosystems. To drive mass adoption, we encourage brands to entice ‘no-coiners’ with compelling offers. BIGtoken’s mission is to empower consumers to own, control, and monetize their personal data, enhancing advertising effectiveness for businesses by delivering highly valuable and ethically sourced data, leading to superior insights and outcomes.

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