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Ice Rink Owned By Sports Group Company That Operates Over 45 Ice Rinks Slides Into Web 3 Utility

An ice rink in Connecticut offers a free skating session token, increasing visitors, attracting new revenue streams and boosting sponsorship revenue.


An ice rink has a foot traffic of 350,000 visitors, but little to no data was available on them. To better navigate their offerings during summers, marketing efforts, generate new potential revenue streams, and increase sponsorship revenue, they needed a way to gain insights from their visitors. They aimed to build a direct relation with their customers and gain qualitative insights while ensuring the security of their data.


Understanding Unique Needs
Gaining insights into the unique preferences and requirements of both Connecticut locals, who enjoy ice rink activities with their family and friends, and visiting hockey tournament attendees. These insights aim to guide targeted marketing efforts to increase foot traffic.

Encouraging Active Engagement
Incentivizing Sign-ups: Motivating locals and visiting tournament attendees to return for fun-filled activities at the ice rink to drive traffic to their sponsorship partners.

Establishing an Alternative Communication Channel
Creating an innovative channel to connect with visitors directly, bypassing cluttered email inboxes and ineffective SMS messaging for effective marketing.

Upholding Data Privacy
Ensuring that users are rewarded for sharing their data and that clients can utilize this data while maintaining strict compliance with data privacy laws.

Cost-Effective Monetization
Increasing revenue generation by forging strategic partnerships with local business and national advertisers to showcase their discount tokens within their campaigns on their branded wallet powered by BIGtoken.


Initially, the locals were introduced to BIGtoken, a white-labeled digital wallet branded for the ice rink. Subsequently, BIGtoken leveraged its five years of survey science expertise and incentivized visitors with a free ice skating session token on the weekend for themselves, their friends, and their family. This approach led them to a tailored survey where they could provide valuable feedback on the specific insights the ice rink aimed to gather. Through this process, the collected data was acquired for strategic planning and re-engagement purposes.

Additionally, BIGtoken created a revenue-increasing opportunity for the ice rink through strategic partnerships with sponsors. These partnerships involved offering discount tokens through the BIGtoken platform. Users would participate in these survey based reward tokens that aimed to drive foot traffic to a local restaurant partner and aided the restaurant in gaining customer insights. This approach effectively addressed the challenges faced by the ice rink and its partners:

Understanding Unique Needs
BIGtoken’s Direct-to-Wallet Technology™ enabled secure data gathering to gain insights into visitors’ needs and perspectives.

Maximizing Engagement
The user-friendly platform interface, coupled with enticing reward tokens (such as a free ice skating session with friends and family and discounts at local restaurants), motivated visitors to actively participate.

Establishing a Direct Communication Channel
Through BIGtoken’s Airdrop CRM™, the ice rink could directly engage and re-target visitors via notifications and tokens sent through their custom-branded wallet.

Data Privacy
Leveraging blockchain technology, BIGtoken ensured that users had complete control over their data, instilling a sense of trust.

The ice rink successfully generated a new revenue stream by forming a partnership with a large destination restaurant-brewery interested in leveraging the platform for consumer insights. Additionally, BIGtoken’s Airdrop CRM™ facilitated access to zero-party data, enabling precise targeting and lucrative monetization opportunities for the ice rink itself.


The ice rink has successfully collected valuable data to boost foot traffic, enhance engagement, gather feedback, and re-engage with its audience. It has now embraced BIGtoken and Web3 for future endeavors.

Sign-up Rate

An impressive 56% sign-up rate (adoption rate) was achieved among local residents, indicating a deep understanding of their preferences. This rate is 20 times more efficient than conventional email campaigns.

Conversion Rate

Of the local participants, a remarkable 75% converted into monetized leads.

New Revenue Stream Established

The ice rink’s partnerships with local restaurants and breweries have resulted in a net incremental income of X, showcasing a remarkable 35x return on investment. This ROI is 24 times more efficient than their previous efforts.

Launching A Pilot Program

The above engagement resulted in the ice rink selling a Pilot Program to a large, destination style restaurant-brewery on the BIGtoken platform where they were able to share their own reward token to gain insight on their consumers behavior while increasing foot traffic and engagement. The campaign was launched during a tournament and was only accessible to people attending it.


The results achieved from this pilot campaign were incredible.

Sign-up Rate

15% of the tournament attendees signed up for the Ice Rink’s branded wallet and redeemed between 5th and 7th January, 2024. The campaign was successful as this tactic delivered 15% of the tournament attendee families to the restaurant partner IN A MAJOR WINTER STORM!.

Revenue Generation

From this 2 day activation, the restaurant-brewery was able to measure and achieve a significant incremental lift in foot-traffic and revenue, specifically during a major winter storm which otherwise would have dampened foot traffic. The restaurant-brewery has committed to a prolonged partnership with the rink to continue dropping reward tokens via the rink’s digital wallet, targeting both local skaters during weekdays as well as the visiting attendees of 10 upcoming hockey tournaments. This represents an estimated 4-5X in sponsorship revenue for the rink from this single sponsorship partner.

Data Collection

Through our survey the brewery was also able to obtain significant zero party data. This data offered them insights pertaining to their visitor’s preference, interest, taste, and more, which can be utilized for retargeting efforts and strategic planning.