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BIGtoken Maximizes Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) for Kraft Heinz during Holiday


Kraft Heinz, a renowned food company, partnered with BIGtoken to drive exceptional results during the holiday season. The objective was to increase purchase volume across a portfolio of Kraft Heinz brands through a strategic display media campaign. By leveraging BIGtoken’s advanced audience segmentation, personalized messaging, and data-driven optimization, Kraft Heinz aimed to achieve remarkable return on advertising spend (ROAS) and significant sales lift.


To achieve their goals, Kraft Heinz and BIGtoken implemented a comprehensive strategy:

Advanced Audience Segmentation
Leveraging BIGtoken’s opt-in consumer insights, Kraft Heinz identified distinct audience segments based on demographics, preferences, and shopping behavior. This approach ensured precise targeting and personalized messaging tailored to the unique needs and interests of each segment.

Personalized Messaging
BIGtoken created compelling and personalized messaging for each audience segment, ensuring maximum engagement and conversion. By delivering relevant and enticing offers, Kraft Heinz aimed to influence consumer behavior and drive incremental purchases.

Data-Driven Optimization
Throughout the campaign, BIGtoken continuously analyzed campaign performance and consumer responses. By leveraging real-time insights, Kraft Heinz optimized their messaging, targeting, and media allocation to maximize results and ROI.


The campaign execution involved the following key steps:

Custom Research Panel
BIGtoken designed a dedicated Kraft Heinz Holiday research panel to gather direct feedback and shopper sentiment. This panel provided valuable insights into consumer preferences and behaviors during the holiday season, enabling Kraft Heinz to refine their messaging and offerings.

Cross-Referencing Data Channels
BIGtoken integrated various data channels such as credit cards, social and loyalty accounts, location data, and historical data. By cross-referencing over 20,000 attributes, Kraft Heinz could identify and target consumers who regularly purchased Kraft Heinz products and frequented relevant retailers.


The collaboration between Kraft Heinz and BIGtoken yielded remarkable results:

Incremental ROAS

The campaign achieved an outstanding 6:1 increment on the return on advertising spend, surpassing Kraft Heinz’s initial goals. This exceptional ROAS highlighted the effectiveness of the personalized messaging and precise targeting in driving meaningful business outcomes.

Sales Lift

Kraft Heinz experienced a substantial 4.5% sales growth compared to the previous year on the featured items. The campaign successfully influenced consumer behavior and generated increased purchase intent and volume.


Kraft Heinz provided positive feedback on their collaboration with BIGtoken:
“BIGtoken’s ability to identify incremental groups of buyers through their platform insights and 1st party data to create audiences stood out to us in a cluttered marketplace. It’s important for Kraft Heinz to address data accuracy, consumer privacy, & emphasize zero-party data in this new data environment. BIGtoken does all of that. We are thrilled with the results”
~ T.J. Palladino, WMT Shopper Marketing Manager.


This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of BIGtoken’s solutions in helping brands like Kraft Heinz excel in competitive marketplaces. With a commitment to data accuracy, consumer privacy, and zero-party data, BIGtoken provides the tools and insights necessary for brands to drive impactful campaigns and achieve their marketing objectives.