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BIGtoken helps Bud Light Generate $647,000 in Incremental Cart Value during Summer Season


Bud Light, a popular beer brand, teamed up with BIGtoken to create a successful promotional campaign during the summer grilling season. The campaign’s goal was to boost the volume of Bud Light products added to shopping carts across various retailers, including Walmart, Target, Kroger, ABSCO Chains, Publix, Meijer, and HEB.


Bud Light and BIGtoken built an inclusive strategy to meet their goals:

Advanced Audience Segmentation
Bud Light utilized BIGtoken’s opt-in consumer data to identify distinct audience segments based on demographics, preferences, and shopping behavior. The primary demographic consisted of women aged 25-44, most of whom were Hispanic, married, and living near downtown Phoenix. These insights were used to generate precise targeting and personalized messaging to influence consumers.

Personalized Messaging
Based on audience insights, targeted and engaging messaging was developed for each segment. Through relevant offers and persuasive content, Bud Light aimed to influence customer behavior and boost the number of products added to their carts.

Data-Driven Optimization
Bud Light continuously tracked campaign performance and consumer responses throughout the campaign. Bud Light utilized these insights in real-time to optimize their messaging, targeting, and media allocation, maximizing results and return on investment.


Key aspects of the campaign’s execution included:

Custom Microsite
Bud Light developed a dedicated Summer Grilling microsite to attract consumers and guide them to add its products to their carts. The microsite served as a vital touchpoint in the consumer journey.

Cross-Referencing Data Channels
BIGtoken integrated various data channels such as social media, location data, and historical data. This helped Bud Light identify and target consumers who regularly shop at the relevant retailers and could potentially add Bud Light products to their carts.


The collaboration between Bud Light Summer Grilling and BIGtoken produced noteworthy results:

Clicks on Microsite

The campaign exceeded its goal by garnering a total of 57,817 clicks to the microsite, surpassing the initial aim of 57,143 clicks. This achievement highlighted the effectiveness of personalized messaging and precise targeting.

Sales Lift

Bud Light experienced a tremendous surge in ‘Add to Cart’ value, reaching $647,000, proving the campaign’s influence on consumer behavior and its ability to increase purchase intent and volume.


This case study illustrates BIGtoken’s ability to assist brands like Bud Light in driving impactful campaigns and achieving their marketing objectives in competitive markets. With a commitment to data accuracy, consumer privacy, and zero-party data, BIGtoken provides the necessary tools and insights for brands to excel.