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BIGtoken boosts Cremo Barber Grade’s Sales at Walmart by $500k


Cremo, a leading brand in the grooming industry, partnered with BIGtoken to drive awareness and engagement of the Cremo brand, as well as encourage the trial use of Cremo Beard products at Walmart. The primary success metrics were focused on measuring the sales lift at Walmart by product category.

Strategy & Solution

To achieve the set goals, Cremo and BIGtoken developed a comprehensive strategy. They aimed to leverage BIGtoken’s opt-in consumer insights and audience segmentation capabilities to identify and target relevant audiences with personalized messaging. The strategy also included highlighting the unique selling points of Cremo Barber Grade products and positioning them as the preferred choice for Walmart customers. Additionally, Cremo and BIGtoken worked together to optimize the campaign in real-time, ensuring maximum impact and effectiveness.


The collaboration between Cremo and BIGtoken yielded impressive results.

Revenue Generation

The campaign delivered a remarkable return on advertising spend (ROAS) of 10.7:1, indicating significant revenue generated compared to the investment made.

High Incremental Sales

Moreover, the campaign resulted in over $500,000 in incremental sales at Walmart, showcasing the effectiveness of the strategy in driving consumer purchasing behavior.


The successful partnership between Cremo and BIGtoken demonstrated the power of utilizing consumer insights and targeted messaging to drive sales lift and brand awareness. The case study serves as a testament to the importance of data-driven decision-making and the value of strategic partnerships in the competitive retail landscape.