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Beet Farmers Crack Web3 Utility

Global staffing group deploys Web3 to place beet farmers in jobs. Leave it to Beet Farmers in North Dakota to lead the world into the Web3 world to earn tokens for their data.


A global staffing firm aims to employ one million people annually.

But keeping in contact with temporary workers can be difficult, and their work availabilities and preferences change.

No method they had previously tried yielded material results.


Understanding Unique Needs
Gaining insights into the specific preferences and requirements of harvest workers in the agricultural Upper Midwest in real time and over a longer period.

Encouraging Active Engagement
Motivating these farmers to offer themselves for other work as well as refer friends, family, and others in their networks.

New Communication Channel
Creating a new communications channel outside of cluttered email inboxes and ineffective SMS messaging.

Upholding Data Privacy
Ensuring compliance with data privacy laws covering several states and countries, and that personal data would not be abused.

Cost-Effective Monetization
Generating revenue by effectively monetizing farmer data while keeping expenditures low.


The beet farmers were introduced to BIGtoken’s white label platform; BIGtoken then leveraged its five years of survey science to induce farmers to provide valuable feedback via a customized survey and rewarded with a gift card token. BIGtoken collected data and provided analytics to the staffing firm which then acted upon this new information. As a result, the staffing company achieved results superior to any prior method deployed.

Understanding Unique Needs
BIGtoken’s Direct-to-Wallet Technology™ allowed for secure, direct engagement with beet farmers to understand their needs and perspectives.

Maximizing Engagement
The platform’s user-friendly interface and the incentive of a reward (Walmart gift card) token motivated farmers to participate.

New Comms Channel
BIGtoken’s Airdrop CRM™ allows BIGtoken’s client to further engage directly with the associates and prospective job seekers directly via their white-labeled wallet.

Data Privacy
Leveraging blockchain technology, BIGtoken ensured that farmers had full control over their data, fostering trust.

BIGtoken’s Airdrop CRM™ enabled access to zero-party data, allowing for precise targeting and effective monetization.


The staffing firm’s efforts at Associate engagement, feedback and re-acquisition now incorporate BIGtoken and Web3 going forward indefinitely.

Sign-up Rate

There was a 21% sign-up rate (adoption rate) among beet farmers, reflecting a deep understanding of their preferences. This is 10x more efficient than regular email campaigns.


Of the engaged farmers, 55% converted into monetized leads.

Impressive ROI

The global staffing agency’s investment generated net incremental income reflecting a 35x return on investment marking a ROI 24 times more efficient than their current tactics.