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Top 10 Quotes from the Turning of the Tide for Ad Tech Webinar Featuring Jessica Simpson, Nick Potvin, and Ryan Boh

A collection of the top 10 statements made by experts Jessica Simpson, Nick Potvin, and Ryan Boh, and co-hosts Gilbert Hill and George Stella throughout the Turning of the Tide for Ad Tech webinar on Thursday, May 6th, 2021:

1. “We want to collect your data so that when you come to an event, we know you’re at an event and we can help you find your favorite player on the course more easily, or connect with another friend or family member who may be at the event.” Nick Potvin on the benefits of collecting data to make your experience better at a PGA tournament.

2. “You’re seeing [cookie replacement solutions] introduced into some of the new nascent social platforms that are coming up where folks are, being assigned a digital wallet and being compensated with access to digital identity, either through NFTs or through actual, monetary compensation. I think that is probably how the future is going to pan out.” Jessica Simpson on the creative use of cookie replacements.

3. “The regulations help in terms of providing some form of a framework, but where the regulations fall short is they don’t provide technical guidance of implementation.” Nick Potvin on the difficulties in complying with certain regulations.

4. “The consumer is fully committed to this concept of having their information on a trackable technology in the ethers of the web and I think that there’s a consumer confidence question that needs to be discussed, which may go back to the identity resolution question.” Ryan Boh on his philosophy of the future of consumer data collection. 

5. “I can actually build my own profile, own an NFT, and that is my consent string. That is what I want to be advertised towards. This is my interest and I own and control what then gets put on  the distributed ledger.” Nick Potvin on taking control of your personal data. 

6. “Maybe you need two types of privacy laws. Maybe you need the privacy law that’s geared more towards the big tech and then the privacy law that’s geared more towards smaller players.” Ryan Boh on the problems with one-size-fits-all privacy regulations.

7. “The more that brands and platforms can appeal openly and state the value exchange about what younger people are going to get for their data and what they can do with it, the more successful they’ll be.” Gilbert Hill on young people’s expectation of value and exchange for sharing data. 

8. “I’m doing some research and an ad pops up and they’re giving me 25% off and overnight shipping in exchange for my email address. That’s the value exchange… I will send you one email a month with new product updates. That’s the value exchange.” Jessica Simpson discussing a successful consumer-value focused advertising strategy. 

9. “There are big forces at play. Plus, data privacy regimes are causing us to assess how we both gather personal information and persistent identifiers.” George Stella on the changing landscape of data collection.

10. “Do I trust you as a brand… and if you’re willing to give me something that I want and need and you’ve led with data stewardship, then I’ll give that trust to you.” Jessica Simpson on what consumers need to develop trust in a brand.