The 5 Best Cash-Saving Apps for Moms

We live in a golden age of money-saving apps, which can be both incredibly helpful and somewhat overwhelming. But rest assured, if you’re a busy parent and looking for a few easy ways to earn spending money, there are plenty of options out there. Sorting the wheat from the chaff can seem daunting, however, so we thought we’d help out by putting together a list of some of the best coupon/cashback apps on the market.


Do you have some paper coupons from newspapers and junk mail around the house? Do you ever save those mile-long CVS receipts or inserts from Kroger coupon books? Print coupons can be a bit of a nuisance to carry around, and our mailboxes are often so full of them that they don’t often get put to use. They do offer some great deals, however, if you’re able to take advantage of them. That’s where SnipSnap saves the day. With this app, you can scan in those pesky paper coupons in a matter of seconds. The technology then turns them into mobile coupons that can be stored for later use.

Checkout 51

There are also quite a few cashback apps that can help save some dough. Checkout 51 is a solid choice for this purpose. In the app, you can browse through a wide variety of offers and choose the ones that make sense for you. Whether you’re looking to save money on gas at Sinclair or Oreos at Albertsons, you’ll be able to find some great deals. Save those offers, and then be sure to save your receipts after you leave the grocery store as well. Scan those receipts into the app and you’ll be able to get cash back right away. You’ll need to earn $20 worth of savings before you can cash out, but that shouldn’t be difficult considering the hundreds of options available.


Another great app for your money-saving arsenal is Shopkick! This one works differently from the two aforementioned choices. When you get to the grocery store, you can get rewarded for a bunch of different options. Walking into the store alone gives you points, and then you’ll get even more for browsing the aisles and actually buying products. Those points can then be exchanged for gift cards to a plethora of stores, like Target, Amazon, and Starbucks. Especially the ones you regularly shop at!


BIGtoken is a great way to earn some precious spending money. Just answer the daily surveys and complete as many actions as you can, and you’ll have points flowing in. Using the app’s Stream and Team functions is also essential. Creating a large stream of referrals means you’ll get bonus points when your friends use the app, and the Team feature groups you with other users to get even more bonus points. And with the BIG Rewards feature, you can take advantage of specific promotions and get cashback. Recent rewards include products from McCafe, Oscar-Meyer, and Tide. Like Checkout 51, you just have to save your receipts and scan them in later on.


Lastly, a great way to earn additional money is by making small investments over time and allowing those funds to accumulate. By linking your bank account and savings account to the Acorns app, all of your transactions are rounded up to the nearest dollar. Those small chunks of change are then invested into a stock portfolio. Have you ever thought: How do I invest in GOOG stock with $5? But you’re not quite sure how to get started? This is a fantastic, low-stakes way to make that happen. You can watch your pennies turn into cash in a relatively short amount of time, and you’ll be at ease knowing that whenever you need some extra funds, you’ll be able to cash it out.

All in all, we hope this list provided a few exciting new options for the mothers out there who’re looking to earn supplemental income. Armed with these apps and services, you’ll be well on your way to raking in the extra cash.



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