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Ramping Up your Side Hustle with Legal Shield Referrals

Every creative has at some point had to balance the uncertainty of inconsistent income with the freedom from a 9-5 necessary to pursue their passion. Especially in a gig economy, like the modern COVID-19 landscape, gigs and side hustles have become an essential way to put together income for the laid-off, furloughed or under-employed.

Enter referral programs.  They are totally ubiquitous.  Google’s G-Suite has one. Dropbox has got one. BIGtoken has a brand new one with new rewards. One of the most lucrative, and oldest referral program is via online legal service, Legal Shield.

About Legal Shield

Legal Shield has been around since 2011, when it was re-branded from a previous entity called Pre-Paid Legal Services (née 1976), which was the first company to offer pre-paid legal plans in the US. According to Wikipedia:

LegalShield develops and markets pre-paid legal service plans through a network of more than 6,900 independent provider attorneys across the U.S. and Canada. The company also markets an identity theft monitoring and restoration service through its partnership with Kroll Inc. The company’s membership plans are sold as employee benefits and directly through its multi-level marketing division.

For the legal plan and ID shield, the monthly subscription is about $50

So, like a typical referral program, associates are paid not only for the subscriptions they sell, but also for the subscriptions sold by associates they’ve recruited.  This creates a network of revenue generation, such that higher level associates are just as much team managers as they are salesmen.

We spoke with a Legal Shield Associate

Legal Shield Associate and former Merrill Lynch advisor, Hash Patel, offered up his perspective on how using a program like this can free your time up to pursue your passions.

“In the entertainment industry, you need NDAs, phones, contract,  I set all of that up through Legal Shield. This [affiliate program] lets me work from my phone or laptop, any day, no matter where I am. Sometimes I wake up to notifications on my phone saying ‘You’ve got $1,000’ from the sales team that I manage.”

How much do Legal Shield referrals pay?

Commissions for recruiting associates and clients increase the further you go up the associate hierarchy.  Whereas a relatively new associate makes $60 for signing up someone to a $50 monthly plan, an Executive Director ,with an already massive network, can make $280 for that same sign up. The full hierarchy, as featured in the Make Money Webinar is below.

Legal Shield Referral Tiers, Webinar Sponsored by BIGtoken

For more, here’s Hash’s appearance in our Make Money Online webinar.  Full webinar is linked below.

And here’s the full webinar.


Full Transcript

Hash Patel is a former currency trader

with merrill lynch and a financial

adviser he has been able to find some

freedom in his life to be an entertainer

and actor writer and a comedian mostly

due to a service called LegalShield

which is an online law firm that has its

own referral program how you doing – I’m

doing great Russ thanks for having me on

today yeah thanks for coming here can

you give us a sense of how you

incorporate LegalShield into your life

and how its given you the freedom to

pursue your you know your passions well

it’s a great product so I love using it

and as you know in the entertainment

industry you need NDA’s and forms and

contracts I get all that through

LegalShield have to worry about finding

a lawyer and it’ll be the freedom to do

acting comedy right do whatever I can do

you know how those schedules can be just

erratic so this I can work from my phone

or my laptop wherever I’m at and it

doesn’t matter where I am and time or

day and you know we’re in UK and we’re

also in Canada so time zones are not a

problem as well that’s great

so on this next slide we had this

referral structure that Legal Shield has

and there are different rankings based

on how many people you’ve signed up for

the service can you give us just a quick

sense of how that works no uh when you

come in as an associate your first sale

you’d be selling the product and you

know the top total would be forty nine

ninety so let’s say fifty bucks and your

first mission would be $60 so after that

if you do a couple and you rank up to

each level as you can see you’ll be

getting $120 for selling something for

50 140 you don’t ask you to see there on

the slides and it just keeps increasing

for doing the same job when you pay hash

when you say selling something for 50

you mean that the subscription service

for people who use Legal Shield is about

50 bucks a month is that how it works

that would be for the legal plan and

also the ID shield which monitors your

social media your bank accounts and your

credit cards and all that kind of stuff

so your identity theft protection

basically gotcha so it sounds like a

very useful service and a bunch of


filling your legal needs and if you’re

selling it you get these levels of

commissions so that’s interesting

so I mean what

to get to these top tiers what do you

need to generate in terms of people and

the amount of subscriptions that you’re

selling based on two things one the

amount of memberships that you do I

think in the first level it’s a three

memberships and one associate so you

also bring in a team member you’re

starting to build your own Empire so

you’ve been building people underneath

you to advance and you can’t advance

unless you help your team also advance

so it’s kind of one of those things

where you’re like oh you’re just gonna

make money off me

yes I will make money but you’ll while

you’re making $120 per sale I’d be

making make me 20 so sometimes I wake up

and I look at my phone I have

notifications that been directly

deposited into my account and they’re

like oh you’ve got $1,000 $2,000 $7,000

from my team working though it’s I was

helping each other out

so you’re basically a sales manager

except that you’re working remotely and

you’re doing it on a schedule of

whenever you feel like exactly like that

so it’s great I love that super

compelling that’s great any final

comments about Legal Shield and how you

found it affecting your life and your

you know the type of people that you

look forward to recruit for Legal Shield

well we look forward to anyone really

like there’s a great story about a

mailman who was just going around you

know he’s doing his mail route all the

time and then he found Legal Shield this

guy is worth 20 million dollars now

imagine that if you’re a mailman and you

found this and you just you gotta have

the hunger and some motivation and you

know it depends on how much you want to

make and how little you want to make

it’s up to you really it’s a great way

to change your life