How to Export your Amazon Data

At BIGtoken, we recognize that everything you do online creates valuable data. Companies sell that data and profit off it, and we think you ought to be able to do the same. That’s why we’re working to integrate more and more aspects of the online activity into the BIGtoken ecosystem. Our newest development is a big one: Amazon. By importing your Amazon data into the app, you’ll open up an entirely new flow of data from which you can profit.

How to create an Order History Report (US Amazon):

  • Go to Order History Reports in Your Account.
  • Select the report type from drop-down menu, then fill in the start date, end date, and report name.
  • Click Request Report.
  • When the report is complete, you’ll receive an e-mail notification. To retrieve the report, visit Order History Reports and click Download.
  • Getting a copy of your Amazon history report is an important step in reclaiming your online data. You’ll have a better idea of exactly what kind of data the company can see when they look at your profile. Then you can take that report and email it to to take control of that data in your BIGtoken profile.

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