The holidays are here and there’s no better time to buy those holiday gifts for your friends and family. There’s no need to break the budget with gifts. You can find affordable gifts that everyone will love. Check out our top gifts on a budget/under $15 below: 

Top 5 Gifts for Family and Friends

1. Cold Brew Coffee Maker and Tea Infuser Kit

If you love cold brew coffee, this kit is for you. This is an easy, affordable way to make coffee from home. Many cold brew machines can be very expensive. Impress your family and friends with this simple way to make coffee. 

This gift is $13.99 on Amazon. 

2. Pro Controller for Playstation 

These stylish controls are smooth to the touch and easy to use. Sit down as a family and play a fun video game. 

This gift is $13.99 on Amazon. 

3. Jenga 

Jenga is a fun game for the whole family. This is a game where you build a tower out of wooden blocks and slowly remove one block at a time. The goal is for the tower to stay standing as long as possible.  

This gift is $13.99 on Target. 

4. Cable Cord Wire Organizer 

If you are someone who loses your phone charger frequently, this gift is for you. This gift ensures that your chargers stay organized and don’t get tangled up. 

This gift is $6.55 on Amazon. 

5. Popcorn Popper

Do you like popcorn? This popcorn popper makes fast, delicious popcorn. Popcorn is perfect for a family movie night or simply a healthy snack. 

This gift is $10.39 on Amazon. 


Top 5 Gifts for Him

1. Men’s Cotton Jersey T-Shirt

Everyone wants stylish clothes that are affordable. This cotton T-shirt from Champion is a great gift for any guy. 

This gift is on sale at Macy’s for $12.

2. Mens RFID Money Clip Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet

Many wallets are overpriced. Why not try this affordable pocket wallet that’s small enough to fold in your pocket yet still has 4 credit card slips.

This gift is $8.99 at Walmart. 

3. Men’s Sling Waterproof Crossbody Shoulder Travel HandBag 

Do you like to travel? This is a great bag to take on your next big adventure. 

This gift is $13.79 at Walmart. 

4. Men’s Warm Thermal Socks 

Heated socks can help keep your feet warm during the cold winter months. 

This gift is $7.89 at Walmart. 

5. Screen Magnifier for Cell Phone 

This is a high quality screen magnifier for your phone. It makes viewing easier and is compatible with many smartphones. 

This gift is $14.99 on Amazon. 


Top 5 Gifts for Her

1. Travel Mug Set

This travel mug set is a fun gift to receive. Each box includes a travel mug, two holiday-scented 3-in-1 washes, and an extra-soft spa bow headband. 

This gift is $9.60 from Ulta Beauty.

2. Mini Waffle Maker 

This waffle maker is essential for preparing snack-sized waffles and other treats. This maker features a nonstick cooking surface that is small enough to easily fit on the kitchen counter. 

This gift is $9.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond. 

3. Assorted Chocolate 

Every girl has a sweet tooth. Each gift box has three types of chocolates (milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate). It is a beautifully designed box that makes for a lovely gift. 

This gift is $9.95 from Godiva. 

4. Women’s Faux-Fur-Trim Hoodback Boxed Slippers

Charter Club’s cozy slippers are a great gift for a cozy night in. 

This gift is on sale at Macy’s for $14.99. 

5. Diffusers

These diffusers are small, portable, and easy to travel with. It runs for three hours and is a great way to relieve any stress and anxiety. 

This gift is $14.79 on Amazon.