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Everything You Need to Know About Entering Your Data into BIGtoken

If you’re a BIGtoken user, or even considering becoming one, chances are that you want to protect and control your online data. Taking control of your data is a necessity, and we’re dedicated to making it a priority. As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency, we want you to understand how your data is used and stored in the platform.

Anonymous and secure

Based on the data you share through questions, surveys, check-ins, and more, you will be placed into anonymized advertising groups. Advertisers will then buy access to these groups for use in personalized targeting. That means that they’re buying a large group of anonymous data, not your data specifically. For example, if you have a cat and you fill out a survey about pets, you’d be placed into the cat owners group. Once that data is monetized, you might see ads for cat food or products.

All of your personal and account information is never shared with anyone directly. Although we’re not yet monetizing data, your data is still anonymized, packaged, and encrypted before any eyes are laid on it. For more on our encryption process, read here.

You have the final say

You have full control over what data is shared and who can buy access to it. If you decide that you don’t want any specific data points online, you can always opt out of them. If there are advertising groups that you’d like to be removed from, you can opt out of those as well.

How to opt out or delete data

  • From the main dashboard, click Insights
  • Select My Data or Segments
  • Click on individual entries, then you can slide the bar to Opted Out
  • You can also click Destroy if you’d like to remove it completely

If you have any more questions about how all of this process works, you can always email us at hello@bigtoken.com

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