Earn Cash for Each Referral You Get!

Are you looking for a great way to rack up points, earn cash, and introduce others to a new way to earn pocket cash? Share your unique referral code and for each confirmed referral, you can earn up to $1.00 USD!

You’ll get 40 points when your referral verifies their email, phone number, and logs into the app, 30 points when your referral finishes the tutorial survey, and 30 points when your referral completes 10 more questions. The total points you can earn for your referral add up to 100 points, which equals $1.00 USD.

Here’s how to maximize your referrals:

  • Create a personalized referral code within the BIGtoken app. We recommend a short and catchy code that will be easy to remember. To find your referral code you’ll need to log into the app, tap on “Invite Friends” and from there you can customize your code and copy it for easy sharing!

  • 2. Share your customized referral code with friends, family, and anyone that loves earning extra cash.
  • 3. Make sure your new referral confirms their email address and phone number within the app.

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