Earn 700 Points With Our Shark Week Point Catch

Fins up, it’s Shark Week and we have a week of fun lined up for you by using your predator instincts to hunt down 700 points. Every day this week, we’ll issue a different challenge for you to chase down 100 BIGtoken points!

Here’s what you need to know:

– Each challenge will either lead you to the app or website

– Each challenge is worth 100 points and lasts for 24 hrs

– 1 challenge every day for 7 days = 700 points

– You can complete each challenge ONE time only

– Every challenge will be revealed on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram Story at 10:00 a.m. PT.

– Every challenge will require you to submit proof via attached form, social media post, or completing an action in the app!

– We will reward participants their total earnings from the Point Catch after it ends on Monday, July 18 at 10:00 a.m. PT.  Take a look at our seven challenges we have lined up for you this week below! 

Please note: challenges are not listed in order for the week. You’ll have to wait for our announcements when a new challenge begins!

Shark Week Point Catch Challenges:

  • Complete all the Shark Week actions in the app
  • Show us your scariest shark on the website
  • Check in to one of the locations listed below, take a screenshot and selfie at your location for proof, and share on social media:
    • any body of water: Ocean, pool, lake, river, bay etc. 
    • public aquarium, zoo, science center, water park, or theme park (Universal Studios, Sea World etc.) 
  • Find our favorite Shark film lurking on our blog
  • Complete and share your 7-day Streak on social media
  • Complete all the Shark Week actions in the app
  • Find our “fin” fact about sharks on the website