How to Secure Your Portable WiFi Hotspot

Mobile hotspots give you internet wherever you go, allow you to check your work email while on the move, and may make your life easier, but it’s important to make sure that convenience isn’t substituted for your security. When connecting to the internet in a public setting, there’s always certain risk factors involved. It’s possible […]

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How to Stop Google From Tracking You

It’s not enough to turn off your Location History in your account settings to stop Google from tracking your every move. A recent Associated Press investigation showed they will still track your location when you open Google Maps, get automatic weather updates, or search for things in your browser. As a part of the investigation, […]

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How to Secure Your Bluetooth Connection

Bluetooth technology is so commonplace, people hardly question the privacy and security factors powering the technology. Invented in 1994, Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communication technology that allows devices like your phone or computer to send and receive data from alternative devices such as a portable speaker, car, headset, smart watch, and more. Bluetooth is […]

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