BIGtoken’s Weekly Data Privacy Roundup

The Federal Government is beginning to take leadership over consumer data privacy rules and regulations which will supersede the various state laws currently enacted and often varied in their scope and rules.

“Proposed Data Privacy Bill Creates Federal Data Standard, Empowers FTC,” Health IT Security – March 11, 2021

  • A national consumer data privacy bill was introduced to Congress. The bill would create a federal data privacy standard for a range of data including health and other sensitive information. This bill would eliminate conflicts between state laws with the FTC being charged with enforcing the law.

Facebook and Apple continue their battle over data privacy rights with each trying to control Apple/Facebook user’s method for controlling their own data.

“Why Facebook and Apple are Fighting Over Your iPhone,” USA Today – March 9, 2021

  • As new rules and regulations and company policies are enacted, the market is going to see a lot of change in their technology applications. For example, Apple is going to require users to specifically authorize Facebook to collect information. On the other hand, Facebook is expected to counter with a policy directly to its users rather than leave privacy decisions in Apple’s hands. Both accuse each other of acting solely for the purpose of profits rather than focusing on implementing truly effective data privacy policies. Needless to say, the battle of these two titans will continue.

On the private side, two data privacy companies make significant progress with one raising significant capital and the other bolstering its data privacy group while there is a growing technology initiative to have privacy controls features in browsers.

DataGrail, which Helps Enterprises Manage Data Privacy Requests, Raises $30M,” VentureBeat – March 10, 2021

  • DataGrail is a data privacy startup that assists businesses in navigating the increasing number of privacy regulations around the world. Because of the importance of the growing need for data protection, it is no surprise that DataGrail was able to raise $30 million to enhance their products and expand their client base.

“Zoominfo Expands Privacy Team, Further Demonstrating Its Data Privacy, Compliance, and Security Leadership,” Yahoo Finance – March 10, 2021

  •  Zoominfo is a leader in go-to-market intelligent solutions including data privacy rules and policies. Zoominfo announced an expansion of their data privacy growth to handle all the new rules and regulations. It is expected that many other companies will also be focused on expanding its data privacy policies.

“What is Global Privacy Control? How Organizations Are Teaming Up To Prevent Your Personal Data From Being Sold,” Business Insider – March 12, 2021

  • The Global Privacy Control (GPC) feature, currently found in only a small amount of browsers and plug-ins, tells websites not to sell your personal data. A group of publishers and technology companies are spearheading an initiative to expand the use of GPC’s. This trend is a very important sign that data privacy rights are starting to be respected more.