BIGtoken Weekly Data Privacy Roundup

Fingers crossed that Colorado becomes the third state with a data privacy law. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly more important for the federal government to get involved in this war to protect privacy and help reduce major data breaches at large companies.

 Colorado Lawmakers Advance Data Privacy Legislation,” Government Technology- June 1st, 2021

In an attempt to become the third state with a data privacy law, Colorado is attempting to pass legislation for a second time. At this point, the law only needs to be approved by the Governor. Hopefully, the Colorado law will go far enough to protect personal data.

“Why America Needs A Comprehensive Data Protection Strategy,” Forbes- June 3rd, 2021

A “Who’s Who” list of major companies has experienced major data breaches over the last four years. Without proper measures put into place, this trend is expected to expand. Experts are preaching a zero-trust security philosophy, essentially that “no cog in the data privacy wheel” can be trusted without verification. While security measures exist, they are expensive, and it is incumbent on the U.S. government to expend the necessary resources to help stop these harmful data breaches.

Discussions concerning data privacy are now becoming more focused on pragmatic decisions about what to do. What steps should you take to keep online information safe?  What apps expose the most amount of your data?  Can Google be trusted?  This is just the beginning on an ever-growing number of questions that are being asked about data privacy issues.

Data Privacy: How To Keep Your Personal And Financial Information Safe Online,” Money Control- June 3rd, 2021

Data privacy violations have serious consequences such as identity theft, credit card fraud, among other things. Education, vigilance, and government protections are critical to keep personal and financial information safe.

“If You’re Worried About Privacy, Delete These 5 Smartphone Apps Right Now,” BGR- June 1st, 2021

In the midst of a broad discussion about data collection and use, industry publication Blissmark released a report suggesting that people concerned about privacy should delete Facebook, Mspy, Words with Friends, LinkedIn, and Uber Eats.

 Google Says It Won’t Build Privacy Sandbox Backdoors,” Yahoo News- May 31st, 2021

Following many questions concerning how Google collected and used personal data over the years, people are concerned that Google may still find a way to collect and use data even without the use of third-party cookies in Chrome. Actions speak louder than words– the world will be scrutinizing whether Google abides by the new privacy rules.