BIGtoken Weekly Data Privacy Roundup

Hallelujah to the possibility of a federal privacy law as proposed by bipartisan lawmakers this week. While there is still “a lot of wood to chop” to pass the bill, the steps taken are certainly encouraging. In addition, we were treated to a great history of Apple’s privacy rights policies while witnessing improvement in Google’s privacy policies as well. Although they’re significant, they still fall short of Apple’s protection.

“Bipartisan Data Privacy Bill Would Give Users More Control Over Data,” The Daily Dot – May 20th, 2021

Control over the data collected by companies and websites is the focus of the proposed bipartisan “Social Media Privacy Protection and Consumer Rights Act” introduced to Congress.  The Act’s main features are an opt-out option as well as the ability for consumers to get copies of the data collected about them. Fingers crossed that this bipartisan effort works this time!

Apple and Privacy,” AppleInsider – May 17th, 2021

Clearly the leader of the FAMGA companies (Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon) in the privacy rights area, Apple states that “privacy is a fundamental human right and one of [Apple’s] core values.” This article artfully traces the history of Apple’s trend-setting privacy policies. Starting with Steve Jobs, Apple has continued to be ahead of the curve in areas including limiting ad tracking and keeping data private and safe. We would all be wise to encourage other companies to catch up to Apple.

“Give Customers The Power of Choice In Data—Or Lose Them Completely,” Forbes – May 20th, 2021

Jodi Daniels, a leading and influential privacy consultant, issued a stern warning to companies that they must give customers more control over their data or risk losing them. She espouses the “trifecta” of a winning data privacy formula – “trust, sales, and privacy.”  These are wise goals if a company wants to succeed in today’s data privacy world. The industry needs more advocates like Jodi.

Google Announces New Privacy Features For Android Phones—But Stops Short of Limiting and Tracking,” The Washington Post – May 19th, 2021

Mobile phone apps collect enormous amounts of data on its users often with little to no limitations. Google has taken steps to limit the collection of data on phones using the Android operating system but still falls far short of Apple’s policy of asking its users permission to collect their data. Consumers, privacy rights advocates, and other concerned mobile phone users need to demand Google and other companies to at least match Apple’s policies.

Is China sincere about protecting the collection and use of information? Based on the rules and regulations of a new privacy law expected to pass by the end of 2021, it would be a massive change for China to shift from allowing enormous collection and use of data to a country that now embraces strict privacy rights.

China’s Data Privacy Crackdown: What Luxury Marketers Need To Know,” Vogue Business – May 19th, 2021

When it comes to privacy laws in China, many question China’s true motivation. Still, China’s Personal Information Protection Law, expected to be enacted by the end of the year, restricts companies from using data to market to Chinese consumers. Requiring consent to collect information is the critical protection feature in this law, forcing firms to reconfigure their marketing campaigns. Let’s all hope that the Chinese government is truly serious in enforcing this law which would be a real advancement in privacy rights.