BIGtoken Weekly Data Privacy Roundup

Internet users need to be aware that most major ISP’s collect user data and utilize it for profit. As privacy issues become more hotly debated, a company’s focus on protecting user data is becoming increasingly scrutinized. Further, data collection often comes from unexpected sources with the latest being scooter companies operating in many cities in the U.S.

Column: Your ISP says it cares about your privacy. Not so much, actually, says FTC,” Los Angeles Times- November 12th, 2021

Industry leading ISP’s continue to boast how seriously they take their customer’s privacy.  The Federal Trade Commission disagrees.  In a recent report, the FTC asserts that six of the top ISP’s are actually focused on collecting and profiting from user data without transparency. While the federal government continues to drag its feet on passing a national privacy law, the FTC has become be a critical agency focused on privacy rights.

Data privacy’s winners and losers: How Robinhood, Apple, Netflix, and others stack up,” Fortune- November 11th, 2021

Data privacy has become a major news generator in 2021. On one hand, Apple has been lauded for implementing data privacy tools. On the other hand, Facebook wants privacy laws to stay as is as collection and use of data is a critical driver for its business.  As time goes on, a company’s stance on data privacy is likely to become a more important driver of customer trust and a company’s success.

Scooter Rides Have Turned Into a Data Privacy Issue for Cities,” Bloomberg- November 10th, 2021

Scooter rides are not the anonymous open air activities many believe.  In fact, these adventures are another source of data collection for the companies operating the scooter companies and local governments.  These governmental entities have intentions to use data as a public resource to ensure adherence to regulations concerning bike lanes and equal access to low-income neighborhoods.  While these goals are admirable, the resulting privacy issues need to be monitored and controlled.

Privacy advocates continue to impatiently wait for the passage of a national privacy law. At the same time, the Federal Trade Commission expands its focus on issues that have a significant impact on data privacy issues.

Momentum is Building for Antitrust Reform. Here’s What That Means for Big Tech,” TIME Magazine- November 12th, 2021

Time Magazine, one of the most influential periodicals in the world, believes momentum is building for antitrust reform which will have a major impact on how big tech companies operate. Privacy activists and members in congress are arguing that many of these companies have simply become too powerful and need to be regulated. Importantly, antitrust legislation will now be focused on data privacy issues in addition to monopolistic pricing and product output.