BIGtoken Weekly Data Privacy Roundup

More questions are being asked about the data privacy landscape and its impact on companies and people. Clearly, the data debate is becoming louder as more concerns are constantly being raised.  

“Could Data Privacy Be Retail’s New Competitive Differentiator?” Retail Touch Points- September 28th, 2021

In the ultra-competitive retail sector, how data is collected and used is likely to be the differentiating factor between a company’s success or failure.  Those companies that embrace the importance of data privacy and treating consumers with respect will be poised to build a long-term profitable retail brand. Of course, other retailers may ignore data privacy’s import to its own detriment.

“A Major Obstacle to Tech Companies That Develop Health Apps: About 2 in 3 Adults Worry About Their Privacy,” Morning Consult- October 1st, 2021

Apple’s research into using iPhones to detect depression and cognitive decline has raised many questions about the privacy of healthcare data. While healthcare apps can clearly be beneficial, many people do not feel safe using them. Because of these concerns, the majority of adults would like to see the FDA regulate these apps.

Tech Experts Criticize Google Android Privacy, Make Case for Paying Consumers for Data,” Yahoo-Finance- September 28th, 2021

Google is once again in the crosshairs of privacy advocates who are highlighting concerns about Android smartphones and the ability to track users’ locations and movements. Interestingly, people believe that Google is less concerned about making money from their phones and more interested in the value of the data they are collecting. If Google wants to do the right thing, they should disclose their objectives and embrace and compensate their users who want to participate. Google – it is your move!

Roads, bridges, tunnels, and, yes, data are part of the eroding infrastructure problems in the United States that needs to be addressed.  However, for some reason, the government has not included data in its new infrastructure stimulus bill.

“A National U.S. Data Privacy Law Would Solve a Trillion-Dollar Problem,” VentureBeat- September 25th, 2021

As important as the data privacy movement has become in the national economic debate, it is not addressed anywhere in the new trillion-dollar infrastructure bill. Clearly, this is a mistake as data is a new type of infrastructure that must be made as safe as physical structures like bridges. Make no mistake about it, regulating the expanding data infrastructure is going to require massive amounts of dollars from the government.