BIGtoken Weekly Data Privacy Roundup

The data privacy movement has achieved one of its major goals of making most adults concerned with how their data is being collected and shared. However, many college-aged students are still not overly concerned leading privacy advocates to strategize on how to get the message across to these students.

Majority Want National Standards for How Personal Data Is Shared, Collected: Poll,” Newsweek- September 16th, 2021

Not surprisingly, according to a recent poll, a significant majority of Americans do not believe their personal data is secure online and want national standards to protect their data. These concerns are in stark contrast to what most felt before the data privacy movement started to gain steam several years ago. Hopefully, this trend continues and privacy rules and standards get stronger.

Data Defense: Privacy Protection Actions,” Inside Higher Ed- September 14th, 2021

Despite the growing concerns of Americans about data privacy, college students seem far less concerned with how their data is being collected and used. Still, privacy advocates have formulated four strategies to help these students become more aware and protective of their personal information.  These steps include carefully reading privacy policies, considering opt-out options, inquiring what happens to their data, and added discourse about the issues in class. These students are in the future and need to be fully versed on the issues.

Each week, we are seeing a steady increase in enforcement actions against privacy infractions as well as new allegations over other potential violations. As always, the EU continues to lead the enforcement charge while an interesting new case has been filed in New York City pitting four different groups against each other.

TikTok’s lead EU regulator opens two data privacy probes,” Reuters- September 15th, 2021

The EU continues to take the lead in bringing enforcement actions for violations of data privacy laws.  The latest target in the sights of the EU is TikTok, which is now facing two investigations concerning children’s data and data transfers to China. Tic-Toc, the clock is starting to tick against TikTok’s privacy practices.

DoorDash sues New York City over new data-sharing law,” CNBC- September 15th, 2021

NYC food delivery platforms have filed a lawsuit against the City over a new law that requires delivery companies to share personal customer data with their restaurants. The delivery services argue that the information demanded is a clear intrusion of customer privacy and will also expose unnecessary trade secrets of the delivery companies. Each constituency – the delivery companies, the restaurants, the customers, and New York City – has divergent perspectives. It will be interesting to see if they can be reconciled.