BIGtoken Weekly Data Privacy Roundup

Privacy laws are being discussed in one form or another all over the United States. In addition, the data privacy issue continues to be debated by countries around the world including the Middle East.

“The State of Consumer Data Privacy Laws in the U.S. (And Why it Matters),” The NY Times- September 10th, 2021

Most feel that the enactment of data privacy laws at the state and federal level is critical to the success of fighting back against the unfettered collection and use of personal data. Currently, there are only three states in the U.S. that have comprehensive data privacy laws and these laws only apply to people who reside in that state. However, there are four other states (Massachusetts, New York City, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania) that have data privacy proposals currently in committee.

UAE Announces New Federal Data Law,” The National Law Review- September 9th, 2021

The United Arab Emirates announced it will introduce the country’s first comprehensive national data privacy law.  The new proposed law in this Middle Eastern country is indicative of the fact that data privacy laws are being studied and introduced in countries all over the world.

As privacy regulations are enacted and the call for improved privacy policies are amplified, industry experts are investigating the privacy changes being made at these companies. Not surprisingly, Apple, Twitter, Google, and other big tech companies have become the focus of this scrutiny.

Data privacy backlash pushes Apple, Twitter to tighten user protection,” T_HQ- September 6th, 2021

Resolution of data privacy issues are driving the product make-up for big tech companies such as Apple and Facebook. However, there are times when announced privacy “fixes” generate increased concerns. As an example, when addressing concerns about child abuse content, Apple released a plan to scan images on iPhones. This practice has been scrutinized by many and Apple is re-thinking its solution. Twitter is also striving to create a safer environment for users by introducing an app safety mode. In addition, many tech companies are currently testing features that will give app users greater control over their privacy.

“What Businesses Need to Know about the Google Ad Changes for Data Privacy and Enhanced Conversions,” MSN- September 8th, 2021

As one of the mammoth channels for advertisers, industry advocates are focused on how Google is handling data privacy issues.  Google is in a quandary. On one hand, the elimination of cookies and limitations on tracking activity are geared towards satisfying privacy controls. On the other hand, advertisers will be less able to determine the effectiveness of the ads. Google’s response is focused on “enhanced conversions” which enable them to ramp-up their data collection from consumer’s who have initially responded to some form of Google marketing. Time will tell whether this approach is accepted by consumers and regulators.