BIGtoken Weekly Data Privacy Roundup

Importantly, lawmakers are focused on protecting our children online.  Kids under 18 are particularly vulnerable to unscrupulous actions online and must receive comprehensive protection.  In addition, other devious actions such as the use of “dark patterns” to surreptitiously collect information are beginning to receive increased attention.

New Bill Would Update Decades-Old Law Governing Children’s Privacy Online, Add Protection For Teens,” The Washington Post- July 29th, 2021

As online privacy dangers have continued to increase, Democratic Representative Kathy Castor from Florida has proposed the revitalization of an antiquated law to protect children online. In what seems like obvious necessities in the often treacherous online world, the updated bill ensures that companies do not use targeted advertising against children under 18 without consent, among other protections. Questions such as parental involvement and validation of a child’s age remain open. Still, improving the protection of our children while they are online is critical and needs constant and increased scrutiny.

Dark Patterns– A New Frontier In Privacy Regulation,” Reuters- July 29th, 2021

While many do not know what a dark pattern means, regulations related to these manipulative practices have become essential in this burgeoning digitization of society. Dark patterns are created by developers to deceive users to unknowingly release personal data (e.g. hidden costs, fraudulent offers, etc.).  These dangerous practices have been receiving increased attention from the FTC and regulators. Hopefully these dark pattern dangers will begin to be controlled as laws and regulations improve.

Apple continues to lead the industry in establishing important rules concerning protecting data privacy, which is finally prompting companies such as Google to develop similar protections.  In addition, the data technology industry is being forced to significantly alter its marketing strategies.  While these changes can be difficult and expensive, the end result should be the collection of voluntary and important first-party data.

Data Privacy: Find Out What Personal Data Apple Is Keeping On You Now,” CNET- July 29th, 2021

With the continual reporting of dangers posed by most companies regarding digital privacy, it is encouraging when Apple announces new protective strategies for their users. The latest development is the ability for Apple users to request a copy of the data collected from Apple’s apps and services. This option for users, which generally takes up to a week for Apple to fulfill, is a welcome change from the collection and use of data with minimal to no transparency.

Google Shows Off Play Store’s Upcoming Data Privacy Section,” The Verge- July 28th, 2021

Similar to Apple’s expanded privacy safety efforts, Google has announced the start of the development of tools for users to have access to Google Play Store’s collection, privacy, and user data. Once again, we should all be thankful that Apple continues to take the leadership role in establishing data privacy rules prompting giants like Google to follow suit.

Data Privacy Is Marketing’s Biggest Challenge: Here’s Why That’s A Good Thing,” Adweek- July 27th, 2021

With new laws and regulations focused on the ultimate elimination of cookies, consumers have become more focused on only releasing data to certain desired companies. These changes will greatly alter advertising technology practices.  However, many believe these changes will be positive as consumers will become more trusting of these chosen companies resulting in the increased collection of important and valuable first-party data.