BIGtoken Weekly Data Privacy Round up

It appears that data privacy issues are being taken more seriously at the federal government level.  New proposed legislation could propel Congress into action while the Supreme Court will rule on a case that could have a significant impact on privacy issues.

1.“New Law Would Create a Federal Data Protection Agency,” Datanami- June 29th, 2021

The Data Protection of 2021, a bill reintroduced by New York Senator Gillibrand, includes a provision to create the Data Protection Agency (DPA).  Hopefully, this proposed legislation can make its way through Congress and spur the passage of a long-awaited data privacy law.

2. “A Supreme Court Fight Over Census Data Privacy And Redistricting Is Likely Coming,”   NPR- June 29th, 2021

The United States is expected to preside over a case including Alabama’s voter redistricting plans and its’ use of personal data generated in Census reports.  This development could very well be a seminal event for the privacy debate and the impetus for the federal government to pass data privacy legislation.

Each week, we see more data breaches and concerns about the security of different pools of data.  This week was no different as a large company had its hand slapped with an obligation to pay a fine for a data breach. In addition, there is increasing concern about the security of student and online consumer data.

3. “Kroger agrees to pay $5 million over Accellion data breach,” Reuters- July 1st, 2021

Unfortunately, data breaches from large companies continues to occur.  This week, it was announced that supermarket giant Kroger is paying $5 mm for the exposure of the data of 3.8 mm pharmacy customers. Damages for data breaches must increase to ensure there is a sufficient incentive for companies to improve their security measures.

4. “Think Before You Click to Protect Student Data, Privacy Expert Tells Educators,” EdTech- July 1st, 2021

There are many areas where data privacy is particularly important including information about students. While many innovations in education including voice assistants, audio and visual aids, among other things, can profoundly improve education, the data produced with these tools is vulnerable to attack. Educators must do everything possible to take necessary security precautions when using these valuable learning aids to protect their students’ privacy rights.

5. “Rise in online payments spurs questions over cybersecurity and privacy,” CNBC- June 30th, 2021

It should come as no surprise that there are increased privacy and security concerns about online payments as the volume continues to grow exponentially. Data proves these worries are justified as one out of four consumers experienced some kind of fraud last year. Nonetheless, over 90% of consumers have done an online transaction last year.  Companies such as Mastercard are focused improving the security for online transactions. Otherwise, consumers at some point may be forced to retrench from online transactions because of these risks.