BIGtoken vs. Competitors

There are many apps that allow users to make money by taking online surveys. However, the BIGtoken app has superior features and functionality compared to competitors. To help narrow down your search, we put together some of the top BIGtoken perks that set us apart from competitors such as Swagbucks and Eureka.

1. High Paying Referral Program 

BIGtoken offers a great referral program that allows users to earn more BIGtoken points on a daily basis by sharing your referral code on social media. Users can also put the referral code in the bio of their profile. The best part is each time you invite a friend using your referral code, you can earn up to 100 points, which is the equivalent of $1. 

Some competitors such as Eureka do not offer referral programs. Other apps such as Swagbucks offer referral programs, but take some of your friends’ earnings out of their own pockets. 

2. Abundant Features Offered 

BIGtoken offers a feature rich app to create a better user experience. For example, users can get paid for checking-in to different locations throughout the day. Another feature is the daily action bonus which rewards users for completing an action in the app each day. Every day you play, the bonus gets a little bit bigger. 

While other survey apps such as Eureka offer surveys and a daily poll, they do not offer any additional features that can help you earn more points daily.  

3. Compelling Surveys

We frequently have users comment on how much they like the wide assortment of engaging survey questions. Categories include gaming and electronics, wellness & beauty, travel, finance, grocery, among many other interesting topics. We also offer a lot of fun seasonal questions and insights as well as high point surveys that allow you to earn more points. BIGtoken surveys appear directly on the homepage of the app so you can’t miss them. Other survey apps such as Swagbucks have surveys in multiple locations on the app which can be cumbersome to use.   

4. Respect for Privacy

BIGtoken is widely known for its respect and protection of its users’ privacy. The App gives  users a very clear choice about allowing BIGtoken to collect their data and how it is used.  In fact, users are able to see what data has been collected and can change their minds about how/if it can be used. Furthermore, BIGtoken also has an insights section which shows a log of all of a user’s questions and answers. Other survey apps do not provide easy accessibility to a user’s data and have stringent privacy policies concerning its use.