BIGtoken Data Privacy Weekly Round up

This week, we saw Ohio propose privacy legislation and Connecticut pass a law protecting companies that rigorously deploy privacy security measures. Most importantly, the Biden administration designated the study of data privacy as one of its initiatives in an executive order.

Ohio Legislation May Create Data Rights for Residents,” Government Technology- July 14th, 2021

Ohio is the next state that is exploring data privacy rights legislation as record breaking privacy breaches occur in their state. Hopefully, republicans and democrats, often divisive in Ohio, can come together and pass this important bill.

2 State Cybersecurity, Data Privacy Laws Enacted,” Bank Info Security- July 13th, 2021

In a legislative twist, Connecticut enacted a law which focuses on protecting businesses. Perhaps trying to become a more business friendly state, the law gives protections to businesses that follow recognized cybersecurity protocols. While the privacy debate is largely focused on protecting consumers, it is also important to enable those privacy focused businesses to continue to operate efficiently and profitably.

President Biden Signs Executive Order That Likely Will Lead to Greater Scrutiny of Data Privacy in Corporate Transactions,” The National Law Review- July 13th, 2021

This past week, President Biden issued a comprehensive executive order titled “Promoting Competition in the American Economy” containing 72 initiatives. Interestingly, one of the initiatives being studied is data privacy. Finally, Washington seems to have started hearing the rallying cries about the problems in the data privacy arena.

With cookies going away and other changes being made in data collection, digital advertisers must restructure their thinking to survive. Also, it has shockingly been reported that 80% of children living in the West have digital footprints by the age of two!

“How Do Apple And Google’s New Privacy Regulations Affect Digital Advertising In 2021 And Beyond?” Forbes- July 15th, 2021

New privacy regulations will have a profound impact on the digital advertising sector. Starting with the demise of the browser cookie, which was an essential driver of data collection, digital advertisers must be creative to meet the brave new digital world. Most agree the primary focus must be establishing and enhancing direct relationships with their customers in order to generate first-party data.

Children’s Right To Privacy In The Digital Age Must Be Improved,” The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights- July 15th, 2021

Shockingly, 80% of children living in Western countries have a digital footprint by the time they are two years old. This phenomenon raises many concerns related to education, health, and falling victim to “bad” people. Parents, regulators, and all concerned citizens must come together and vigilantly protect our children.