BIGtoken Ambassador Spotlight: Jon Moore

Jon Moore is part of the BIGtoken ambassador team and currently lives in Fargo, North Dakota with his wife. As a BIGtoken ambassador, Jon, whose referral code is MOOREINCOME, helps introduce people to the BIGtoken app. Jon himself discovered BIGtoken through someone mentioning it on Facebook and signed up shortly after. 

“..One day I decided I needed to see what it was all about and I have been an active, happy user since.” Jon said.

One of Jon’s favorite things about the BIGtoken app is all the different opportunities to earn points and how easy it is to cash out.

“…I really like the referral program and specifically the stream feature that allows me to see all my referrals and how they are doing and also allows me to chat with them through the app.” Jon shared.

Jon loves being able to share apps that allow him to make extra cash with others. After trying many different apps, BIGtoken’;s simple survey format and earning features make BIGtoken one of the few apps he logs into every single day. Jon went on to say, BIGtoken is in my opinion one of the best and simplest apps to use for making money.”

“Will $15 a week change your life? Not necessarily but it’s when you add up things like this and other money making or money saving opportunities that you start to see it really does add up.”

In 2019, Jon and his wife took their Toyota Prius on an 100 day trip to visit all 50 states in the United States. Utilizing a combination of extra pocket cash from BIGtoken, credit card points, and deals and coupons allowed them to take the trip of their dreams.

Jon is now investing 100% of his BIGtoken earnings into cryptocurrency and is looking forward to seeing his investments grow over the next couple of years

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Join BIGtoken with Jon’s referral code: MOOREINCOME