BIGtoken Ambassador Spotlight: Ana Balkcom

This month, we caught up with BIGtoken ambassador Ana Balkcom who currently calls Lakeland, Florida home. Ana, whose referral code is ANBTOKEN2020, has been part of the BIGtoken ambassador team since 2020. Ana first heard about BIGtoken while on Facebook looking for a new way to earn additional income.

“I was scrolling on a money opportunity page to try and make some extra income and I came across BIGtoken.”

Ana shared some of her favorite things about the BIGtoken app including how simple the app is to use and the numerous opportunities to earn and redeem points for cash. Ana stated, “I love the Stream feature which shows me all of the people I’ve referred to BIGtoken. I can chat with them through the app and answer any questions they may have”. Not only has BIGtoken enabled Ana to make new friends who also enjoy the app, but also the ability to provide additional money to her household. One of her favorite parts about BIGtoken is how often you can cash out your earnings.

“I really like being able to cash out weekly with BIGtoken. By doing this, it has helped my family.”

Ana is glad the BIGtoken app has helped her to make new friends and share all that BIGtoken has to offer with them. Ana went on to say, “I’m so grateful to have found the BIGtoken app and to be a part of the Ambassador Program”. As a stay-at-home mom of two small children, she started out looking for some extra income and found much more with the BIGtoken app.

“I never knew how much an opportunity like this one could help. It may not be much to some but every little bit helps. Thank you BIGtoken!”

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Join BIGtoken with Ana’s referral code: ANBTOKEN2020