BIGlove: Couples in the US, by the Numbers

BIG is a powerful platform for data and consumer insights, and it truly shines when we can drill down on a specific theme. Holidays are especially great moments to accomplish this goal. They allow us to gather a variety of lifestyle data because they intersect with people’s lives in a myriad of ways. Valentine’s Day is no exception: romantic dates, elegant cuisine, special gifts and treats, and romantic movies are just a few of the specific categories to tap into. Based on the data that BIG consumers added to their profiles, we were able to cull a list of accurate, fascinating statistics about lovers far and wide.

71% of couples have a pet. Seems like puppy love leads to even more puppy love.

71% also have children. Read: actual human children, not fur children. Although the numbers seem to suggest that where human children go, fur children follow.

70% own homes, 19% live in an apartment, and 5% said they don’t live in a house, townhouse, condo, or apartment. We’re curious about that small percentage, but we support our community nonetheless.

More than three quarters commute by car and 5% commute by bike. Is there a correlation between having a car and being in a relationship? That’s probably a question for another time.

Most of the time, couples are pretty typical: 62% are vacationing soon, 64% donate to charity, and 67% have a wholesale club membership. Add those three things together and you’ve got a bunch of fun-loving, money-saving philanthropists.

McDonald’s beats Wendy’s by 6% when it comes to couple’s favorite fast food. We’re lovin’ it. And we guess the secret to a happy marriage is a happy meal.

All in all, Valentine’s Day data reflects a lot about our community. And most of these findings are great jumping off points for further surveys. Sure most couples have homes, but how long are their mortgages? How many properties do they own? There’s a sea of data out there, and we’ve just begun fishing. Stay tuned for further deep dives.