BIGinsights: Easter Sunday, By the Numbers

When flowers start blooming and April 1st hits, we know Easter Sunday is right around the corner. A spring holiday filled with different family traditions, religious celebrations, chocolate bunnies, egg hunts, and baskets loaded with candy. We polled the BIGtoken community to learn what their Easter Sunday traditions are, and here’s what we found. 

Virtual Easter Celebration Infographic, BIGtoken Research




Do you have special family traditions for Easter Sunday? 

73% said yes.


How do you prepare for Easter Sunday?

79% purchase new clothes for Sunday Mass, 68% paint eggs, 61% go take photos with the Easter Bunny 


What will you do on Easter Sunday?

80% will go to church, 67% will hunt for Easter eggs, 74% will go to a nice lunch or dinner


Do you buy premade or make your own Easter baskets?

44% buy premade baskets, 35% make their own baskets


Which Easter candy do you buy? 

In a multiple choice survey, 43% buy Jelly beans, 26% buy Peeps, 45% buy Chocolate bunnies, and 14% buy Robin Eggs