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This App Will Tell You if Your iPhone Gets Hacked

Although there are some great resources out there to check if your personal information has been stolen — like HaveIBeenPwned.com — no major apps have emerged to help users catch iPhone hacks. This issue has persisted mainly because the tight security of Apple’s technology makes it difficult for apps to interact with each other. Developers have attempted to remedy this problem in the past, but most if not all of the apps created either quickly failed or were removed from the App Store for violating Apple’s policies. A new app called iVerify has found a workaround, however, and our initial findings are incredibly promising.

The app’s creator, Dan Guido, got the idea after a friend of his wasn’t able to log into her banking app because her phone kept alerting her that her phone was not secure. The banking app was designed to detect security flaws, but the phone itself wasn’t engineered with that feature. So he developed iVerify in response, which essentially looks for the side effects and code anomalies that are often created by iPhone hacks and jailbreaks. “We found a lot of different signals that are present in the environment that gives us an indication of what’s really going on on the phone,” Guido said.

When an iVerify user gets hacked, the app alerts them immediately and then creates a private URL. The user can follow the link and see what happened and what data may have been accessed. An incident report is created automatically and sent to the app developer, and further instructions are provided as well, telling users how to proceed. In addition to the sophisticated software it has to offer, iVerify also includes a series of detailed how-to guides that help users better secure their devices in general. All things considered, it’s an effective and simple way for iPhone users to protect themselves in the wild. It’s now available on the App Store for $4.99, and we endorse it as an effective security tool.

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