BIGinsight: Spring By the Numbers

Spring has sprung, and the change brings a lot of seasonal specialties along with it. Showers rain down and flowers bloom, daylight lasts a little bit longer, and people celebrate holidays like Easter and Passover. It’s a season of cleaning and rejuvenation. And considering that lots of people ring in the season in unique ways, it’s a great time to survey our BIG community. Using a new round of data, we were able to pick out some trends and patterns to give an insight into the season.

Is spring your favorite season?
67% said yes, 33% said no.

Do you decorate your house for springtime?
59% said no, 41% said yes.

Do you practice spring cleaning?
69% said yes, 31% said no.

Do you celebrate the first day of spring (vernal equinox)?
64% said no, 36% said yes.

Do you have a spring break?
53% said no, 47% said yes.

Do you live in a place that has high levels of pollen?
73.4% said yes, 26.6% said no.

Do you get seasonal allergies in the spring?
64% said yes, 36% said no.

Which types of spring allergies do you have?
Of the respondents, over half were primarily allergic to grass, trees, and/or dust. Additionally, 40% were allergic to mold and 17% were allergic to insect bites.

Do you take any medication for allergies during spring?
Of those with springtime allergies, 74% take allergy meds.

Which type of medicine do you take for allergies?
36% of those with allergies take solely antihistamines, 9% take solely decongestants, and 33% take both.

Do you use nasal sprays for allergies?
55% of respondents take nasal sprays to help combat allergy symptoms.

Which types of nasal sprays do you use for allergies?
Of the respondents who use nasal sprays, 46% use Flonase, 18% use Nasonex, and 36% use a different brand.

Do you spend more time outdoors during spring?
69% of our community spends more time outside in the springtime.

A number of sports start up in the spring, so we polled our users to see how their physical activity changes during the season.
29% of people start playing baseball, 29% start playing tennis, 31% start playing softball.

Do you visit cherry blossom festivals during the spring?
66% said no, 34% said yes.

What are you favorite spring flowers?
This question was multiple choice, so our users each chose a few favorite flowers: 23% daffodils, 33% lilies, 42% tulips, 19% iris, 20% lilacs, 9% primroses, 9% pansies.

What type of spring cleaning do you practice?
This question was multiple choice as well, so members of our community each chose a few different spring cleaning practices: 72% of people donate and/or sell clothes they no longer wear, 69% deep clean their houses, 72% get rid of old things and empty drawers, 37% tidy up their car and garage, 21% organize their office space and computers.

In sum, we can spot some general trends about our community. For starters, a minority of users listed the season as their favorite time of year, and a minority of people celebrate the arrival of Spring. And we think that might have something to do with all the allergies and cleaning involved. A majority of people start to feel allergy symptoms, and an even bigger majority spend quite a bit of time cleaning up their homes. On the bright side though, people generally spend more time outside, get to see some of their favorite flowers, and a good number of people start playing springtime sports. So it seems like Spring, like cleaning in general, isn’t always the most fun. But it’s undeniably a necessary part of a healthy ecosystem.