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BIGinsight: Physical Wellness Month By the Numbers

While Physical Wellness Month is a relatively new themed month, it’s one that we want to encourage. Staying healthy and active is crucial to a well-balanced lifestyle, and we want the best for our community. Considering all of the different kinds of physical activity that people engage in, we thought this area would be a particularly rich pool of data to tap. Let’s take a look into how our community stays fit and healthy.

How important is physical wellness to you?
70% of users said that physical wellness is very important, 21% said it was somewhat important, and 9% said not important at all.

Do you exercise?
62% said yes, while 25% said kind of.

What do you consider your lifestyle?
35% of users said they consider their lifestyle moderately active, and another 35% said their lifestyle was sedentary. Only 24% of users consider their lifestyle to be very active.

Do you take vitamins or supplements?
71% said yes.

Do you stay hydrated?
78% said yes.

Do you stretch?
79% said yes.

Are you on a healthy sleep schedule?
67% said yes.

Do you track your sleep?
60% said yes.

Do you use sound machines?
57% said yes.

Do you take melatonin for sleep?
43% said yes.
Do you have a nighttime ritual?
55% said yes.

Do you work out to sleep better?
60% said yes.

Do you put away electronics for better sleep?
71% said yes.
Do you try to fall asleep at the same time?
71% said yes.

How long do you typically work out for?
30% of users said 15 minutes or less, another 30% said between 15 and 30 minutes, 15% said 30 to 45 minutes, 13% said an hour, 4% said 90 minutes, and 8% said two hours or more.

Would you consider yourself a healthy eater?
80% said yes.

Which exercise activities have you done in the past year?
In a multiple choice survey, 32% of users said they’ve done yoga in the past year, 12% said pilates, 28% said weight training, 10% said HIIT workouts, 13% said boxing, 19% said cycling, and 24% said cardio.

Do you workout to destress?
71% said yes.

What an interesting batch of insights! It looks like the majority of our community likes to work out in 1 – 45 minute increments, and that yoga, weight training, and cardio are the preferred activities. A majority of users are on a healthy sleep schedule, but there’s definitely some work to be done in that area. Whether you need to put away electronics, listen to a sound machine, or avoid heavy meals before bedtime, there are many actions you can take to improve your cycle. Sleep is just as crucial as exercise, so it’s wise to take care of yourself in that regard too. We hope you enjoyed taking a peek into this data set. Stay tuned for more this month!