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BIGinsight: National Ice Cream Day, By the Numbers

As we create questions for our community, we work to get as specific as possible. That specificity creates truly interesting, valuable data. At the same time, we strive to make our surveys engaging and entertaining for our users. We figured out early that talking about food, and really getting into the nitty-gritty of preferences among different groups, was an easy way to accomplish both tasks at once. With National Ice Cream Day coming up, we polled our community to gauge their opinions on one of the world’s most popular sweet treats. Let’s dig into the results.

Are you celebrating National Ice Cream Day?
67% said yes.

Do you go to an ice cream store to celebrate Ice Cream Day?
78% said yes.

Do you make your own ice cream?
72% said yes.

Do you have a favorite ice cream store that you always go to?
85% said yes.

Where do you go to get ice cream?
In a multiple choice survey, 52% said they go to the grocery store, 36% said the gas station, 70% said the pharmacy, 25% said a restaurant, 24% said superstores like Walmart, 18% said ice cream trucks, and 8% said online.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
In a multiple choice survey, 27% said chocolate, 25% said rocky road, 22% said coffee, 21% said vanilla, 19% said pistachio, 16% said mint chocolate chip, 11% said cookies n’ cream, 11% said brownie batter, 8% said vanilla bean, 8% said cheesecake, 8% said cookie dough, 4% said strawberry, 3% said chocolate chip, 2% said cake batter, 2% said cake batter, 2% said cherry, 2% said buttered pecan, and 1% said Neapolitan.

Do you like toppings on your ice cream?
84% said yes.

What toppings do you like on your ice cream?
In a multiple choice survey, 40% said sprinkles, 54% said chocolate chips, 39% said chocolate syrup, 28% said whipped cream, 23% said hot fudge, 16% said fruit, 11% said gummy bears, 16% said cookie dough, 14% said M&MS.

Do you regularly purchase ice cream?
88% said yes.

These few questions alone provide a fascinating array of information. Would you have thought that 36% of people find themselves going to the gas station to buy ice cream? Sure, it makes sense when you think it through, but seeing the numerical evidence is always eye-opening. It’s not a shocker, however, that only 8% of people buy their ice cream online. Ordering an ice cream cone on Postmates or GrubHub probably wouldn’t be pretty. But maybe one of the big ice cream chains will tackle this issue with custom-fitted delivery cars, lightning-quick service, or some combination of both. As for the flavors, it’s interesting to see rocky road going head-to-head with chocolate. It’s also curious to see a classic combination like Neapolitan so far down on the list. Regardless, we’re sure reading this article inspired some plans for the evening.