BIGinsight: Mother’s Day By the Numbers

As one of the quintessential holidays, Mother’s Day is full of unique traditions and celebrations. Brunch is a big part of the festivities, of course, but many folks have added their own special flair to the holiday. We polled our users to get a sense of how they celebrate the holiday, whether they’re mothers themselves, or appreciative children looking to give back. The results were fascinating, so without further ado, let’s dig in.

Do you buy gifts for a mother during Mother’s Day?
89% said yes.

Do you celebrate Mother’s Day?
92% said yes.

Do you plan a special event for Mother’s Day?
85% said yes.

Do you receive gifts for Mother’s Day?
66% said yes.

Do you participate in Mother’s Day activities?
79% said yes.

Do you make brunch at home or go out to get food for Mother’s Day?
49% said they make brunch at home, 27% said they go out to eat, and 23% said they’ve done both.

Do you indulge your sweet tooth on Mother’s Day?
78% said yes.

Do you go home to visit on Mother’s Day?
86% said yes.

Do you celebrate it with a big group or just the immediate family?
34% said they celebrate the holiday with a big group, 56% said they just celebrate with their immediate family, 9% responded that they celebrate 1-on-1.

What kind of physical gifts do you like to give for Mother’s Day?
This one was multiple choice, so most people marked a few options. 58% of respondents have given flowers and plants, 51% have given sweets, 38% have given clothes, 30% have given gadgets, 34% have given jewelry, 28% have given beauty products, 20% have given candles and other home products, 16% have given subscription services, and 18% have given hobby supplies.

What kind of experience gifts do you like to receive for Mother’s Day?
This one was multiple choice as well. 50% like to receive spa treatments and massages, 49% like getting City Tours, 42% like tickets to a show, 32% like exciting experiences like skydiving, 25% like hiking trips and cave expeditions, 25% like taking painting/pottery classes, 30% like shopping sprees, and 28% like vacations.

What kind of experience as gifts do you like to give for Mother’s Day?
And the final question was multiple choice as well. 48% like to give spa treatments and massages, 43% like to give City Tours, 39% like to give tickets to a show, 21% like to give exciting experiences like skydiving, 19% like to give hiking trips and cave expeditions, 21% like to give painting/pottery classes, 30% like to give shopping sprees, and 27% like to give vacations.

All in all, the data suggests that there are many ways to give and receive appreciation on Mother’s Day. Classics like spa treatments, flowers, sweets and tickets to a show never disappoint. But maybe it’s time to consider something new for next year! If your mom is the adventurous type, maybe it’s time to scratch skydiving or bungee jumping off the bucket list! If they’re more artistic, a pottery or painting class could be an absolute delight. We hope this report gave you a little bit of valuable insight, and we appreciate your support as always!