BIGinsight: Independence Day, By the Numbers

Every major holiday is another opportunity to poll our community and gain insights about the traditions and behaviors of the BIGtoken community. Independence Day is one of the key holidays in the United States. Fireworks are of course the main event, but lots of other forms of celebration have emerged and become central to the 4th of July experience: grilling burgers and hotdogs over the fire, heading to the pool or the lake, and decorating everything in sight red, white, and blue. Let’s dive deep into the statistics we were able to pull this time around.

Do you celebrate American Independence Day (4th of July)?
50% said yes.

Do you spend the entire weekend celebrating or just July 4th?
58% said the entire weekend, while 42% said just on the day.

Do you leave town for July 4th?
66% said yes.

Do you participate in any Independence Day activities?
79% said yes.

Do you watch fireworks onIndependence Day?
81% said yes.

Who do you celebrate Independence Day with?
In a multiple choice survey, 65% said friends, 83% said family, 42% said significant other, 25% said coworkers, 21% said neighbors, and 15% said pets.

Do you go on a special cruise?
27% said yes.

Do you go to a pool?
73% said yes.

Do you go to a lake?
68% said yes.

Do you have any fun traditions?
74% said yes.

Do you get together with family and friends for the 4th of July?
87% said yes.

Do you have a family reunion for Independence Day?
69% said yes.

Do you go to a concert for Independence Day?
63% said yes.

Do you dress up in patriotic apparel for Independence Day?
67% said yes.

What foods do you eat for Independence Day?
In a multiple choice survey, 55% said barbecue, 57% said hamburgers, 45% said hot dogs, 26% said patriotic-themed foods, and 30% said dessert.

Do you decorate your home for Independence Day?
65% said yes.

What Independence Day activities do you participate in?
In a multiple choice survey, 53% said a picnic, 42% said a concert, 45% said parade, 46% said a barbecue, and 28% said a carnival.

What do you decorate your home with?
In a multiple choice survey, 46% said flags, 42% said streamers, 46% said balloons, 38% said patriotic dining wear, 33% said posters, 65% said lights, 24% said tablecloths, and 23% said photos.

Do you listen to patriotic music?
74% said yes.

Do you go to an aviation show?
63% said yes.

Do you buy American made products to celebrate?
78% said yes.

Do you light sparklers?
74% said yes.

Do you have a bonfire for the 4th of July?
71% said yes.

Do you light off your own fireworks?
76% said yes.

Where do you go to see fireworks?
39% said lake or beach, 30% said a golf course, 43% said the park, 23% said the river, 21% said a city skyline view, 21% said their home, and 15% said a parade or fair.

What doesn’t surprise is that most people spend the holiday relaxing with their friends and family. It’s interesting, however, that picnics are actually more popular than barbecues and concerts. As far as food goes, it looks like burgers beat out hot dogs in our community. Believe it or not, taking a trip to the pool is slightly more popular than taking a trip to the lake. Lights, flags, and balloons are clearly the most popular decoration options. And lastly, most people go to the park or the beach to watch the big fireworks display. We all know these traditions pretty well, but it’s always fascinating to break them down by the numbers and see how our community celebrates.