BIGinsight: Back to School, By the Numbers

Students of all ages are headed back to school this month. For that reason, August and September have become a major shopping event as students and their parents stock up on school supplies. Considering the cultural significance of this part of the year, we figured it would be a good time to poll our community to get some insight into their back-to-school preferences. From the massive data set that we collected, we’ve selected some relevant and interesting statistics. Let’s take a look!

Are you already looking into back-to-school sales?
75% said yes, 25% said no.

Do you attend a college or university?
75% said yes, 25% said no.

Are you a teacher?
43% said yes, 57% said no.

Are you a student?
57% said yes, 43% said no.

Will you be going back to school this month?
61% said yes, 39% said no.

Do you plan on shopping back-to-school sales?
76% said yes, 24% said no.

Who are you purchasing back to school items for?
46% said myself, 51% said their students, 3% said other.

Are you purchasing your own school supplies for your classroom?
79% said yes, 21% said no.

Does your school provide school supplies?
69% said yes, 31% said no.

Where do you purchase back to school supplies from?
In a multiple choice survey, 38% said they shop online, 48% said a superstore, 36% said a wholesale shop, 30% said a discount store, and 12% said other.

Do you have a checklist of all the items you need to get for the school year?
78% said yes, and 22% said no.

Did you have to purchase books for summer reading?
71% said yes, 29% said no.

Where did you purchase your summer reading books?
43% said online, 43% said bookstore, 29% said the books were school-provided, and 18% said other.

Do you have a child that is going back to school this month?
70% said yes, 30% said no.

Do you use coupons for back-to-school purchases?
67% said yes, 33% said no.

How do you get textbooks for the school year?
51% said buy, 24% said they rent, 27% said their books were provided, and 12% said other.

Are you in the market for a new backpack?
69% said yes, 31% said no.

Does your school require uniforms?
74% said yes, 26% said no.

All things considered, we were able to get a pretty decent look into the back-to-school behaviors of our community. Of the BIGtoken users participating in back-to-school shopping, the majority are students. In addition, the majority of respondents head back to school in August, not September. When it comes down to purchasing supplies, most people in our community opt for online shops or wholesale stores. And coupons for the back-to-school season are very popular for both of those options. And lastly, as far as clothing and wearable accessories go, a majority of students are in the market for a new uniform or backpack. We hope you find these statistics interesting, and that you’ll tune in next time for another look into our diverse and engaged community.