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7 Ways to Grow Your BIGtoken Stream Using Social Media

The best (and easiest) way to rack up BIGtoken points on a daily basis is by growing your Stream. There are many ways to get new referrals but the best way by far is through social media. We’ve catalogued 7 great tips to amp up your social media outreach and add more referrals to your Stream. Check them out here:

1. Never forget your referral code 

No referral code, no bonus points! You should always include your referral code and the link to download the app in your social media posts OR place that information in your bio so people will see it when they click on your profile. There’s also many ways to incorporate your referral code in comment threads as well! For example, let’s say a friend posts that they’re bored at home, out of work, or just venting about the high prices of gas. Use that as an opportunity to promote how the BIGtoken app can help their situation and include your referral code and the link to download the app. 

2. Promote on a daily basis

Persistence is key! The more you post content on social media, the more likely it’ll be near the top of everyone’s feed — which means they’ll see it more! Remember, not everyone checks their social media on a daily basis, so if you post only once a week, a big percentage of your followers could miss it. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr etc., your content will get more views and engagement the more you post. If you’re on social media each day, you can also answer any questions your friends may have about BIGtoken and educate them on the fly.

3. Share your payment proof

Some things you just have to see to believe! From now on, include a screenshot of your PayPal payments from BIGtokenin some of your social media posts so people can see exactly how much money you’re earning. If you’re a rockstar BIG member who redeems a payment every Friday, use that as a way to show your followers how they too can earn $15 USD a week! Nevertheless, even if you only redeem a payment every couple weeks or once a month, there’s still the opportunity to mix up your promotional content to catch your followers attention. Remember, if you got it – flaunt it!

4. Interact with BIGtoken on social media 

Help us, help you! If you have a hard time writing out the words to promote BIGtoken, consider re-sharing the social media content we publish. Not only will your followers learn about the app, you can contribute to our content by adding your own words in the caption to help encourage your followers to download the app. We love to engage with our BIG members! Don’t forget to tag us in your content so we can like, comment and re-share your posts! It helps us show everyone what a great and supportive community we have and it helps you get more engagement on your posts from people who follow us.

5. Embrace hashtags

Hashtags are your friend! Those who don’t use hashtags on their social media posts are missing out on engagement. Whether it’s likes, comments or new followers, hashtags help improve your content and introduce people outside of your network who could be great potential referrals for you. Next time you promote BIGtoken on social media, incorporate any of these great hashtags: #BIGtokenApp, #rewardsapp, #cashapp, #surveyapp, #makemoney, #surveysforcash, #passiveincome. 

6. Upload authentic promotional content 

Vocalize your love for BIGtoken! A great way to captivate people as they mindlessly scroll through their social feed is by giving them something to watch. Try recording promotional videos of yourself telling people why you love BIGtoken and why they will love it too! Be real and share how BIGtoken has affected your life in a positive way. And if you get a surge of questions from potential referrals, record a video or go live on your Story to answer questions one-by-one. Just don’t forget to incorporate your referral code in the caption OR in the video somewhere for people to see!

7. Join social groups 

Time to sharpen your networking skills! BIGtoken caters to all different types of users: cash app and giveaway lovers, passive income enthusiasts, reward and deal seekers, data privacy advocates, and of course side hustlers! Do some research on your favorite social platforms to find the best (and biggest) social groups to join that reflect your own interests. There are many opportunities to spread the word about BIGtoken, educate and answer any questions people may have! In addition, there could also be current BIGtoken users that are involved in groups you join who you can connect with and learn more tips from as well. Here’s some groups to consider joining: