5 Ways to Make an Extra $50 a Day

In today’s world there are plenty of ways to earn extra income on the side. Whether you’re driving for Uber at night, renting out your property on Airbnb, or babysitting on weekends, you can use the various tools at your disposal to make spare money. In this blog, we’d like to highlight five great apps that can help you earn an extra $50 a day.

1. Ibotta

If you’ve yet to check out Ibotta, we definitely recommend you give it a spin. You can get cashback both in-store and online for a variety of products. If you’re looking to save on groceries, clothing, or travel, Ibotta is a solid choice. Look through the available products on the app and find ones you’d like to purchase. In order to unlock these offers, you first need to complete an action like reading a fact, participating in a poll, or watching a short video. After you complete the action and buy the product, scan the receipt and you’ll get money in your account right away. Connect your Venmo or PayPal to the app and you’ll be able to cash out those funds, or alternatively you can convert that money into gift cards for various retailers.

2. Rover/Wag

Do you love spending time with dogs? Then downloading Rover and/or Wag is a no-brainer. Register yourself in the app as a dog walker and/or sitter, and set your various preferences. You can easily choose which kind of dogs you’d like to care for, how far you’re willing to travel, fill out your history of caring for pets, and set your rate for the various services involved. If you only have time to get a few walks in per week, set your preferences accordingly. If you have the time and ability to dogsit for extended periods of time, however, we recommend you do so. It’s a surefire way to make as much money in the app as possible. Be sure to update your calendar so that potential clients know when you’re free.

3. Qkids/VIPKID

Tutoring online is becoming an increasingly popular method for earning extra dough. With websites like Qkids, you can teach english in half-hour-long sessions so long as you have an undergraduate degree or are currently enrolled in an accredited university program. As a Qkids teacher, you’ll teach Chinese children how to speak English virtually using the company’s interactive software. The only requirement is that you work a minimum of 6 hours per week, but those hours are completely flexible. VIPKID is another service that essentially functions the same way, although the bar for entry is slightly higher.

4. Fiverr

You can also put your hobbies and special skills to work with Fiverr, another fantastic and easy-to-use online platform for earning extra income. Whether you’re a writer, photographer, web designer, graphic designer, or possess really any specialized skill set, Fiverr is the app for you. Just create an account, upload your experience and skills, and you’ll be able to apply to open gigs right away. While many of the jobs offer $5 rewards like the company name suggests, a wide variety of jobs offer substantially more money. As a freelancer, you’ll earn 80% of each gig. So for every $5 Gig you sell and successfully deliver, you’ll get $4. The dashboard updates constantly with progress reports from clients, and customer service is available 24/7.

5. BIGtoken

Earning income while working exclusively on your phone is becoming more and more of a reality. With BIGtoken, all you have to do is fill out surveys about your personal preferences and purchasing behavior. For each survey or action you complete, you easily earn BIG points, which are redeemable for cash, giftcards, charitable donations, and subscriptions. And with the new BIG Rewards feature, you can quickly get cash back on specific products by scanning in your receipts. An added bonus feature of the app is that the answers to these surveys are collected in one central location, giving you complete control and transparency of your personal info. If you ever want to opt out and delete your data, it’ll only take a few moments.

These apps and services are free and easy to sign up for. We recommend you check each of them out just to feel out the interface and flow of each option. Everyone has a different amount of free time, and different preferences when it comes to how they’d like to earn their money. The good news is that the different types of earnings are incredibly diverse, so no matter your preference, we know you’ll be able to find a situation that works for you.

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