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5 Tips to Help You Achieve Your 7-Day Streak

The BIG community is always looking to earn easy bonus points before the next payday hits, and we’re happy to point them in the right direction! Although growing your Stream is one of the best ways to get your hands on free points, another great source is playing our Daily Action Bonus! The more consecutive days you complete an action in the app, the bigger the bonus you earn! Hit a 7-day streak and you’ll earn 40 bonus points! It’s a breeze completing actions every day, however, the window of time provided to keep your streak going may require some strategy. Check out these five tips to help you beat the clock and hit a 7-day streak on a regular basis:

1.  Find BIGtoken Easily On Your Phone

Make sure BIGtoken is always visible when you unlock your phone. Place the app on your home screen where you keep all the apps you use on a daily basis.

2. Set Personal Reminders 

If you have a busy day-to-day schedule, set a reminder on your phone’s calendar or alarm clock that will alert you the same time every day to help you create a habit of completing your daily action.

3. Open Notifications We Send

We send updates and reminders via email and push notification that will take you right into the app! Make sure you’re subscribed to receive emails and have the “Receive push notifications” option turned on in the Manage Account section of the app.

4. Follow Us On Social Media

We share all kinds of helpful reminders on our social media, including Daily Action Bonus. We also keep the BIG community updated on any changes or new features coming, as well as upcoming promotions, giveaways, and more! Follow, connect, and engage with BIGtoken on a daily basis to stay in the know:

5. Create a Group Text With Friends

You can send messages in the BIGtoken app, but it could also be helpful to start a group message with friends and family who are also BIG members. Remind each other to complete a daily action and keep that streak going! Another hot tip: you can also remind each other to complete their Team action and redeem a payment before the weekly deadline hits every Thursday.